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Top 10 Best Artificial Intelligence Podcasts for 2023

March 9, 2023 • April Miller


AI is one of the most game-changing technologies in the world today. If you want to learn more about it, listening to a podcast on artificial intelligence is a great place to start. To help, here’s a list of the 10 best AI podcasts to listen to in 2023.

1. The TWIML AI Podcast

The TWIML AI Podcast with Sam Charrington is one of the longest-running and most popular podcasts on this list. Premiering in 2016 under the title This Week in Machine Learning, the show has since cemented itself as the go-to source for machine learning news.

Host Sam Charrington is a renowned analyst in the AI industry on his own. Throughout the show, he interviews many big figures in the field. Listen in to hear things from the founders of OpenAI, Google researchers and more. If you’re looking to stay on top of emerging machine learning trends, this is the podcast for you.

2. Data Skeptic

While TWIML may be one of the most recognizable artificial intelligence podcasts, Data Skeptic has run for even longer. Host Kyle Polich has been interviewing tech experts and offering his insight into AI since 2014.

Data Skeptic releases in seasons. Each season focuses on a specific theme like AI in advertising or running AI surveys. These seasons cover a huge range of topics, so there’s plenty of content. You can also go back and listen to fresh content as you wait for the next one to come out.

3. The AI Podcast

The straightforwardly named AI Podcast is another great show to check out. Nvidia, one of the biggest names in AI chip manufacturing, runs this podcast focusing on how this technology is changing the world, focusing on one person at a time.

Each episode centers around interviewing one professional and their personal, first-hand experience with AI. This format is an excellent way to explore just how far-reaching this technology is, from changing space exploration to helping protect endangered species.

4. Eye on AI

For a more technical look at artificial intelligence, check out the Eye on AI podcast. New York Times correspondent Craig S. Smith hosts this show, where he interviews industry insiders like data scientists, AI developers, university professors and machine learning startup founders.

Eye on AI takes a more in-depth look at the specific technologies and processes behind AI applications, whereas many other podcasts on this list have a more general approach. That can make it a little too technical for some people, but if you’re interested in trying your hand at AI development, it’s a great listen.

5. Practical AI

If you want something a little more approachable, Practical AI may be the artificial intelligence podcast for you. As the title suggests, this show dives into real-world uses of this technology and how it impacts everyday life.

Hosts Chris Benson and Daniel Whitenack interview a wide range of people for the podcast, from university students to AI industry leaders. Likewise, the show covers topics across the spectrum of AI and its real-world applications. The episode length is similarly varied, with some lasting just 30 minutes and others taking an hour, so if you’re looking for variety, look no further.

6. Adventures in Machine Learning

While we’re on the subject of practical AI content, Adventures in Machine Learning offers helpful tips and information for people pursuing a career in machine learning. The podcast features hosts and guests with industry experience, offering a first-hand perspective on what it’s like to work in this field.

Machine learning is a complicated profession, so listening to experts offer advice and explain issues they’ve encountered can be a huge help. Tune in to learn everything from how to test machine learning code to how open-source models work.

7. Learning Machines 101

If you want to know more about machine learning but aren’t quite on the professional level yet, check out the Learning Machines 101 podcast. As you might’ve guessed from the title, this podcast serves as an introductory course to machine learning.

Learning Machines 101 focuses more on the fundamentals of this technology instead of the deeply technical side like Adventures in Machine Learning. As such, it’s an exceptional resource for anyone interested in machine learning basics who may not know where to start.

8. Voices in AI

For a broader look at the implications of AI, you may want to listen to GigaOM’s Voices in AI podcast. CEO Byron Reese hosts the show and interviews other industry insiders to get their perspectives on how AI is shaping the world today.

Topics the podcast covers include AI as a weapon, AI’s role in income inequality, machine learning ethics and more. With hour-long episodes, the show dives deeply into these subjects, too, providing an appropriate exploration of these complex ethical considerations.

9. DeepMind: The Podcast

If insider perspectives are what you want, DeepMind: The Podcast is one of the best artificial intelligence podcasts out there. As you can probably gather from the title, this is the official podcast of DeepMind, Google’s AI research division.

DeepMind: The Podcast explores a wide range of subjects, from the fundamentals of AI to specific recent innovations to how to use it safely. As one of the top AI companies today, Google is uniquely qualified to talk about this technology, so this podcast is a great source of expert advice.

10. The Lex Fridman Podcast

The Lex Fridman Podcast isn’t strictly an artificial intelligence podcast, but it deserves a spot on this list for how often it touches on the subject. Lex Fridman is a noted AI research scientist at MIT, so while his show covers a much broader subject range, intelligent systems are its specialty.

Lex Fridman’s podcast has grown to impressive heights, granting him interviews with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk. If you’d like to hear what these tech industry giants have to say about AI and where it’s headed, this show is one for you.

Find the Best Artificial Intelligence Podcast for You

There are many podcasts about artificial intelligence today, so it can be tricky to know what to listen to. If you’re looking for some new content, turn to this list as a starting point. With so much out there, there’s an AI podcast for everyone if you know where to look.

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