3 Effective Goal-Setting Templates for Students

October 24, 2018 • Rehack Team


You might depend on your memory to keep all your responsibilities in check, or maybe you prefer using Post-it notes with succinct bullet points to stay on schedule. While either method is effective to a degree, neither takes full advantage of all the resources at your disposal. Try goal-setting templates.

As a student, you have more reliable strategies for creating a plan and sticking to your agenda. Whether you have a subject to research and a paper to write or a book to read and analyze, you can make the most out of your limited time with one of these goal-setting templates. A structure is the key to success.

Structure is what separates the fledgling first-grader from the established scholar. It’s often the difference between a D and an A. It lends a student foresight, directing their course of action so they aren’t caught making constant corrections and last-minute adjustments.

Check out a few of the templates we’ve included below and see if any fit your task or project.

1. SMART Goal-Setting Template

The SMART Goal-Setting Template provides an organized approach to any goal. It touches on the main elements that every student should address before they begin their work, from the initial statement to what they’ll require throughout the process. This template is an excellent place to start.

Goal Statement: In this portion, write what you intend to achieve in actionable terms.

Why Is This Goal Important?: Determine the goal’s significance to you.

What Is Needed to Accomplish This Goal: Take inventory of all the necessary resources you’ll need to meet your goal.

SMART Goal Checklist: Move through the attributes on this checklist to gain an informed understanding of the task ahead.

Is your goal …

Specific ____

Measurable ____

Achievable ____

Relevant ____

Time-Bound ____

Action Plan: In this area of the template, write each step of the plan you want to follow to reach your goal. Focus on efficiency.






2. Goal Planning Template

As high-school students make the transition to college, they may find it difficult to set goals in a new environment. They’ll have to avoid distractions and keep their nose to the grindstone to maintain a high GPA, and a template designed to help them plan can prove an enormous asset.

Define Goals: Decide which goals will bring you closest to where you want to end up.




Break Each Goal Into Smaller Measurable and Attainable Steps

Goal: Decide what it is you hope to achieve.

Step Description/Time Required/Deadline: Detail what the step will entail, then beside it, write the estimated time you think you’ll require and your deadline.






Further Planning

Detail Required Resources: To meet the timeline you’ve set above, what resources or equipment will you need to complete your task?

Define Potential Obstacles: What do you expect will adversely affect your ability to complete the work?

Plans for Overcoming Obstacles: If these problems do arise, how do you intend to combat them?

Desired Outcome

Define Measurements for Success: How will you know when you’ve completed your goal? What standards are important?

Describe Outcome of Achieved Goal: Visualize the desired response to your work and write it here.

This template and others similar models offer a thorough structure for approaching each step of your goal individually. You can’t effectively manage your projects if your goals are cluttered and nonspecific, so look into ways you can re-evaluate your current strategies to simplify your planning.

3. Weekly Goal Template

Depending on your timeline and the scale of the project, you may need to develop a long-term plan. These goal-setting templates have a dual application for those who want to focus on their personal growth, using their resources for the admirable purpose of self-betterment.

Date/Week Number: In the interest of consistency, maintain your timeline.

Weekly Goals: Divide your responsibility into more manageable portions.






How Successful Were You This Week?: Assess yourself and use your findings as a future benchmark.

What Prevented You From Reaching Your Goals?: Where did you run into obstacles?

Develop Solutions for Overcoming Obstacles: If you encountered your earlier problems, how would you handle them?

Additional Notes: Is there anything else relevant to your future progress?

The Choice Is Yours

You can depend on your memory or Post-it notes to keep track of the thousand little things you need to accomplish before a deadline, or you can use one of these goal-setting templates to manage everything in a far more effective format. Either way, you have access to these resources for a reason.

With structure and planning, no goal or grade is outside of your reach.