Skype Now Translates In Real Time

January 22, 2016 • Devin Partida


Skype just took an awesome step forward in technology: They rolled out their voice-to-voice translation software this January. With voice-to-voice translation in select languages and even more languages available with text translation, this feature is a leap towards the future and provides many benefits for the present.

Skype And Long-Distance Friendships

This software makes it easier for friendships to span the globe. As Internet friendships become more and more common, the update makes it easier to break a barrier even when neither speaker is a master of the other’s native language. If you have family in other countries, you can use the software to talk to them.

Language won’t be able to hinder a developing friendship any longer, allowing people to share cultures and learn more about cultures outside their own. Humans will be able to connect like never before.

Boosting Your Productivity

Language barriers to business deals are now essentially gone, making businesses more productive and forging better relationships with foreign markets. Translators are no longer necessary and people can make deals face to face instead of going through someone else.

Language barriers and poor communication have led to huge losses in the business world. This development could save business thousands — if not millions — of dollars that would have been lost in a botched business deal. Companies will be more productive than ever if they know they can rely on people to close a deal without messing up due to miscommunication.

This will also eliminate the need to hire translators or look for candidates that speak a certain language. Businesses can focus on getting the best candidate possible, even if the candidate isn’t able to speak the languages of the other markets that they deal with. Job-seekers have one less criterion keeping them from the job of their dreams.

Skype already contains many benefits for business, like reducing the cost of business calls with their free service, as well as reducing business travel costs as you can rely on the video calling. The added translation feature just furthers the bonuses Skype offers for your business dealings.

The Gig Economy

The gig economy is becoming more and more prevalent as businesses are choosing to hire contingent workers over traditional laborers. Freelancers and independent contractors are working with people all over the world more frequently, so they’ll benefit extremely from this new software.

Independent workers can now communicate with others more easily, giving them a chance at more gigs from all over the world. The workers will also be able to be more effective with their assignments because they can communicate and understand their gigs better than they could before.

Future Opportunities

This software update could lead to interesting opportunities for students of all ages to learn about different cultures. Modern pen pal classes could develop: They could take turns sharing things that are unique to their countries with each other.

Removing the language barrier opens up entire worlds for students. They have the chance to learn things about other countries without reading them in a book or watching a documentary. Students will engage with learning more when it comes from their peers. It’s exciting to learn something from someone you can make friends with.

This Skype software will undoubtedly improve as it goes along, making the world smaller and bringing us all closer together. This translation ability is also just a small glimpse at what technology our future holds. Productivity will increase, and friendships will develop all over the world. If this is a peek into the future, it’s looking pretty bright!