17 Items You Can Track With AirTags

July 7, 2023 • Devin Partida


You almost certainly know the feeling — just as you’re heading out the door, you realize you can’t find your keys. If only you had a way to track them! Enter, Apple AirTags. These tiny tracking devices connect to an iPhone 6 or later, and they’re small enough to stick on a keychain or in a wallet, making them a convenient way to find lost items. Here are 17 things you can keep track of with AirTags. 

1. Luggage

One of the most common uses for AirTags is tracking luggage in an airport. Instead of waiting around for your suitcase to mysteriously appear on the conveyor belt, just activate the AirTag on your phone to see exactly where your bag is. It could give you an extra 20 minutes to stretch your legs or grab a bite to eat. 

Additionally, if the airport loses your bag, you can pinpoint its exact location on your phone and use the beep function to help staff locate it.

2. Bikes

In the city of Amsterdam alone, bike riders report over 80,000 bike thefts per year. That’s a shocking number of bicycles that often fail to turn up ever again, leaving riders without a way to commute to work or the grocery store. Attach an AirTag to your bike to track it if it goes missing. Put it under the saddle, under the bottle cage or even inside the steerer tube so it’s hard to locate. 

3. Wallets

Whether your wallet is stolen or simply misplaced, an AirTag stuck to the inside can help you get it home safely. Considering your wallet might contain your credit card, driver’s license and work ID, it’s worth the $29 price tag to put a tracking device inside it. 

4. Cars

Although many cars now come with a built-in GPS, you can still use AirTags to quickly find your car in a parking lot or underground car park. It could even help you track down a stolen vehicle. 

5. Keys

You can buy colorful keychain attachments specifically made to hold AirTags. Attach one to your keychain so you don’t have to make a mad dash around the house to find your keys before work. 

6. Instrument Cases

Whether you’re a traveling musician or just like to take your guitar on vacation with you, put AirTags inside your instruments or their cases. On a guitar, for example, you can stick an AirTag inside the sound hole where nobody can see it. 

7. Backpacks

Do you or your kids regularly misplace your backpack? If so, stick an AirTag inside to find it on those days you’re running late for school. You can attach it on a keychain or stow it in one of the pockets of the bag for safekeeping. 

8. Toolboxes

There were 11,504 reported construction site burglaries in the U.S. in 2021. Contractors, take note — you can use AirTags to locate stolen or misplaced tools. Put them on your tools or inside toolboxes to find them when they mysteriously disappear from the job site. 

9. Camera Equipment

If you’re a photographer, your cameras, tripods and other photography equipment are priceless. You can attach AirTags to your camera bag, camera straps and accessory pouches to keep track of them. Try to put them in discreet locations so they’re harder to find in case someone steals them. 

10. Drones

Drones can be expensive, so it makes sense to be able to track their whereabouts if their batteries die or they crash into a tree. Apple AirTags weigh just 11 grams, so they aren’t too heavy to attach to a drone. 

Just remember that AirTags need a Bluetooth signal to work, so the drone will need to be within 33 feet of an iPhone in the Find My network to locate it. Therefore, this technique works best for urban drone flights. 

11. TV Remotes

Do you regularly misplace the remote? Do your kids use it in lieu of a ball for indoor games of catch? If so, attach an AirTag to the back so you never have to dig through the couch again. 

12. Clothes

Whether it’s your expensive leather jacket or favorite trusty hat, if you have an article of clothing you just can’t live without, put an AirTag on it. Next time you leave it at the bar or at a concert venue, you’ll know exactly where it is. 

13. Binoculars

If you’re an avid birder, attach an AirTag to your binocular bag so you can grab it the moment you think you see an ivory-billed woodpecker. You’ll be glad you did. 

14. Laptops

It’s easy to misplace your laptop at the coffee shop or in the back of a cab. Say goodbye to scrambling to find your computer before an upcoming Zoom meeting. AirTags let you find your laptop quickly before somebody decides to keep it. 

15. Work ID Cards

Do you need your work ID to gain entry to your office? If so, attach an AirTag to the back so it never gets lost — even if it falls out of your wallet. This technique only works for cards you don’t have to swipe, since the AirTag is likely too thick to pass through a card reader. 

16. Water Bottles

Water bottles are portable by nature, and they often join you in crowded airports, at the office and on your favorite hiking trails. If you have a favorite water bottle — the kind that has years’ worth of stickers on it — being able to track it will save you peace of mind and help you stay hydrated during a busy day. 

17. Medication

Time is of the essence in a life-or-death situation, and you don’t want to spend 10 minutes scouring the house for an inhaler or epi-pen should you need one. Attach an AirTag to important first-aid supplies to find them quickly during an emergency. The battery lasts just over a year, so be sure to replace it regularly. 

Using AirTags to Your Advantage

Apple AirTags have countless potential uses. You can use them to track lost, stolen or crucially important items you need to find quickly. Their small size and light weight mean you can attach them to virtually anything you can’t afford to lose.