What To Know About FileCloud And Its Chrome Extension

August 12, 2016 • Devin Partida


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In this age of technology, information is as vital as it has ever been. Businesses of all sizes create, utilize and manipulate enormous hordes of information on a regular basis, creating the need for tools to manage said info.

That’s where services like FileCloud come in. The CodeLathe-created service is an enterprise file-sharing and sync platform, allowing colleagues to easily save and share large files on the go.

The system received a functionality boost with the recent launch of a Chrome extension created for Gmail use. Here is a look at what FileCloud is, and how its new Chrome extension has made it even better.

What FileCloud Does

As its name indicates, FileCloud is a secure file-sharing service that uses the cloud to help businesses save and access large files from anywhere in the world.

One of its strengths is its wide range of access points — users can access files via the web, through a desktop application or via mobile apps across all of the major platforms such as Android or iOS.

The service comes with a cost, of course. The starter pack begins at $999 per year for up to 20 years, and additional users can be added starting at $40 per year per user. That’s not exactly cheap, but the pricing is competitive compared to similar services, and most companies can’t overstate the value of reliable and secure file sharing.

FileCloud’s Practical Uses

A wide variety of businesses use FileCloud, from healthcare and insurance companies, to retailers and manufacturers. Even universities and churches can put this service to use. The service is optimized for those looking to access large amounts of information, particularly while not at the office.

For example, an entertainment production company in Canada wanted a way to easily access their large music and video files. The company’s employees are typically on the road a lot, so they wanted a service that would allow them to access files remotely without straining the company’s internal network.

FileCloud turned out to be the perfect solution, due in part to its ability to allow employees access to files via web browsers or mobile devices.

What the Chrome Extension Adds

With the announcement of FileCloud’s Chrome extension for Gmail, CodeLathe has added another layer of convenience for its users.

Once the extension is installed in the Chrome browser, users will see a FileCloud icon in their new message window in Gmail. The extension adds links to email messages that are shared with message recipients, or senders can choose to include actual files.

In addition, Gmail attachments can be saved directly to the service by clicking on the FileCloud icon. The attachments are then automatically uploaded to a directory you specify.

The ability to quickly search through and locate files is another strength of FileCloud, and that feature carries over to Gmail. Using the Chrome extension, users can search and add files as attachments to a Gmail message.

The FileCloud extension for the Chrome browser is free, although it of course will only function for paying users that sign into their accounts.

The new extension targets businesses and organizations that use Gmail for their primary organizational email. As the company’s announcement notes, Gmail has the second-largest market share among email clients, while Chrome is the market share leader among Internet browsers.

Anyone who works in a field that depends on information technology knows saving, sharing or accessing files can be tedious. One of FileCloud’s main goals is to streamline that entire process, and the new Chrome extension for Gmail strengthens its ability to do so.