What Can the Apple VR Glasses Do? Top 5 Uses

July 26, 2023 • Devin Partida


The Apple VR glasses can replace your TV, laptop, tablet and even your camera. Since its announcement on June 5, 2023, the Apple Vision Pro has gone viral. It’s the most powerful mixed reality headset to date, with a hefty price of $3500. Is Apple’s headset worth that much? Take a look at the top five things you can use this powerful piece of tech for. 

1. Private Home Movie Theater

One of the best uses for the Apple VR glasses is watching movies. You can use the Apple Vision Pro to create your own private IMAX movie experience. Movies don’t need to be formatted for VR viewing to work with the Vision Pro, either. You can pull up any movie you have connected to your Apple account and create your own virtual big screen. 

You’ll get a great audio experience watching movies on the Apple VR glasses, too. The headset’s speakers are optimized specifically for your unique ear shape. If you’re watching with friends, everyone can adjust the audio and screen for their personal preferences, creating a shared, customized movie theater experience. 

The ability to have a huge screen with a 4K display is great for creating movies as well as watching them. Anyone who enjoys video editing knows how nice it is to have a large screen to work with. The Vision Pro has the processing power and the deluxe display capabilities to make a next-level video editing suite. 

2. Immersive Work at Home and the Office

The Apple VR glasses allow you to seamlessly blend the real and virtual worlds to create an immersive working environment, both at home and at the office. You can use the same apps you would run on your Macbook or iPad, but with as many displays as you want. In fact, the Vision Pro’s chips are so powerful these apps might run better than on some iPads and Macs. 

Apple also allows you to connect physical devices to your headset, like a mouse and keyboard. You can create privacy to help you focus using digital environments in your headset. If someone does need to talk, you can simply dial back the immersion to see the real-world office again. 

The ability to have as many displays as you need will be a game changer for many people, especially since the Vision Pro’s display is 4K. You can rearrange screens and tabs however you want and even look at objects in 3D. You can also take FaceTime calls with the headset on. The Vision Pro’s cameras and sensors can create a realistic digital rendering of your face showing your expressions in real-time on video calls. 

3. Record 3D Videos

One of the coolest features of the Apple Vision Pro is the ability to record 3D videos. This is possible thanks to the advanced cameras and sensors built into the headset, including LiDAR. While wearing the headset, you can face toward whatever you want to record and capture an immersive 3D video. The video will playback normally on other devices, but you can relive the moment with the headset as if you are there. 

3D videos on the Apple Vision Pro are similar to the live photos you can record on an iPhone. They enhance the photo and video experience in a unique way that can make digital memories more immersive. 

Another fun feature available on the Apple VR glasses is wraparound panoramas. You can stretch a panoramic image to completely surround your field of view. This is great for relieving a memory or creating a sense of peace and privacy. 

4. Play Video Games On a Huge Screen and in AR

It’s still unclear what VR games will be available for the Apple Vision Pro, but it still has a couple of great features for gamers. You can play supported games on Apple Arcade on a huge 4K display wherever you want. This can make for some incredible gaming experiences with titles that feature sharp graphics. 

You can also have some incredible gaming experiences in AR. For instance, one of the sample experiences Apple gave reviewers included seeing life-size dinosaurs walk around in augmented reality. Games that blend the real and virtual worlds will be amazing on the Apple VR glasses. 

The Vision Pro has incredibly powerful processors, so it is likely it will get full VR games eventually. Now that the headset and Apple’s spatial computing platform have been officially announced, game developers can start working on VR experiences made for the Vision Pro. 

5. Meditate in a Personal Virtual Space

When people imagine meditating, virtual reality might not come to mind. However, the Apple Vision Pro can be a great tool for creating peace, quiet and solitude. It even has a built-in guided meditation app. 

You can use the headset’s immersion options to completely block out the real world if you want to. This allows you to find a moment of peace almost anywhere. For example, if you are anxious while stuck on a long flight, you can immerse yourself in a serene forest and block out the plane entirely. You can even pull up a webpage or video while in this fully immersive world. 

Who Should Buy the Apple VR Glasses?

The Apple Vision Pro is an expensive device, so investing in one is a big decision. The Apple VR glasses are good for a wide range of people, but may be best suited for professionals, travelers and movie fans. This headset is a game changer for the everyday working experience, both in the office and at home. Its immersion features and video experience also make the Apple VR glasses incredible for watching movies at home and on the go.