What Are the Benefits of Turmeric?

May 26, 2017 • Rehack Team


When people go on a health craze and decide to change their life by altering their diet, most of the time they start juice cleanses or strange diets. Sometimes it takes just a tiny change to help your health, and one easy way to do that is to experience how turmeric benefits in your own life.

Turmeric is the main spice in curry, but it’s recently become extremely popular because of its health benefits. There are over 6,000 peer-reviewed articles available online that prove the expansive benefits of the spice, which is one of the reasons it’s quickly becoming a common way people are using it to get their health back in line. You can feel real-time turmeric benefits after just a short time of incorporating it into your diet.

It Fights Viruses for You

In a 2012 study done by Mason’s National Center for Biodefense and Infectious Diseases, one of the major turmeric benefits turned out to be that it helps your body fight off viruses.

Tested on cells infected with the deadly Rift Valley Fever, the part of turmeric known as curcumin stopped the virus from multiplying in already affected cells, essentially stopping and killing it in its tracks. Next time you find yourself with flu-like symptoms, throw some turmeric on your dinner veggies.

Your Cells Will Be Stronger

Not only will the marigold-colored turmeric make your meals prettier to look at and more flavorful to the taste buds, it’ll also make your cells behave better so they can help your body function more effectively. Once digested, turmeric will invade your cells and absorb into their membranes, making them harder.

This makes your cells more resistant to viruses and malignancy. It fights off sickness and prevents it, too. Did you also know it tastes great on rice-based meals?

Turmeric Kills Cancer

As if the spice didn’t do enough already by keeping you healthy and making you stronger, it can also fight and prevent cancer — and not just one kind. The spice, used as a healing remedy for centuries, creates hybrid molecules in your body that interfere with different pathways on the molecular level.

Basically, the easy-to-access spice stops the formation of cancer-causing enzymes before they get a chance to grow into something potentially malignant.

It Makes You Happy

Sure, you’ll be happy when you taste the spice on your food, but turmeric will also help individuals with depression cope with their illness. An article released in the journal Phytotherapy Research discussed a study done on 60 volunteers with major depressive disorder and how overall turmeric proved to be just as effective as Prozac in helping people live with depression.

This is an especially great option to try for people who may not do well on prescribed medication.

Turmeric Relieves Tendon Pain

It can be absolutely debilitating to have tendinitis because it affects the pain you feel and how much your body can do. If you struggle with pain like that and find your medication may not be enough, try working turmeric into your diet. Curcumin, the part of turmeric that makes it yellow, calms biological mechanisms that inflame tendons, making it an all-natural pain reliever. One bottle from the store is guaranteed to last a while in your pantry, so it’s well worth the money spent on it.

Turmeric can basically do everything except solve world peace — although if we can sneak it into some foods that world leaders eat, it’s a possibility. It’s a spice that goes well on a variety of dishes that’ll help you in ways you won’t even realize. All you’ll know is you’ll get a great meal, and your body will be thanking you every step of the way.