10 Best Dog Cameras of 2024

July 6, 2023 • Devin Partida


It can be stressful leaving four-legged friends behind when leaving the house for more than a couple of hours. Both new and experienced pet owners must be able to check in on Fido when they’re away from home.

Thankfully, many companies now make cameras specifically designed for checking in on dogs at home. Home security cameras are becoming more popular and outfitting these cameras with features like two-way audio and night vision, for example, are appealing to many dog owners.

Below are some of the key features to look out for when purchasing a dog camera and 10 dog cameras that are now dominating the market.

Features to Look for in a Dog Camera

When shopping around online or in a store for the perfect dog camera, there are some key features customers will want to consider. Many advanced cameras come with cool features, such as two-way audio so owners can speak to their dogs or treat-dispensing capabilities to reward them for good behavior.

Let’s explore the key features to look out for when dog camera shopping:

  • High-quality video recordings and storage capabilities
  • Treat dispensing
  • Remote viewing
  • Two-way talk
  • WiFi-enabled
  • Remote viewing
  • Pan, tilt and zoom functions
  • Motion detection
  • Notification alerts

Many dog cameras come with some or all of the features listed above. Typically, the more functionality a dog camera has, the more expensive it’ll be. 

It’s common for young puppies to experience separation anxiety when their owners are away from home. No dog owner wants to think about their whimpering puppy all alone. Cameras are useful pieces of tech that owners should consider purchasing to ensure their dog is happy at home and staying out of trouble. 

Best Dog Cameras of 2024

Each camera has its pros and cons — some may be suitable for some dog owners, but not all. It’s always wise to learn about a camera’s functions to make sure it’s worth the money. 

Below are 11 of the best dog cameras available on the market. 

1. Furbo Dog Camera

Dog owners wishing to provide treats to their dogs when they’re not home to do it themselves can do so with the Furbo Dog Camera. It’s stylish, interactive and full of useful features for dog owners. Furbo has two-way audio, night vision capabilities, push notification alerts and cloud recording.

Furbo also offers a Dog Nanny and Nanny Cam Bundle, all to give customers an inside look at how their dog spends their day. Furbo’s camera also works with Amazon Alexa, which makes using the camera even simpler. 

2. Kasa Spot Pan Tilt

This camera will notify you the moment it detects activity in your home. It allows you to see the whole picture in 2k by rotating and tilting in different directions. It works well even in low light, so if you go out for an evening, you can still make sure your dog is safe and happy even when in bed.

It’s perfect for all hours of the day, as you can talk to your dog through the app. The Kasa app can also help you manage notifications, including which zones need the most attention. You can set the camera on patrol mode, which will help your camera keep an eye on the room and detect any movement that shouldn’t be there — like if you want to avoid your dog going for the kitchen trash can while you’re out.

3. eufy Indoor Cam 2K Pan and Tilt P24

Homeowners can rest assured that their dogs are safe when using eufy’s Indoor Camera. Any events captured on camera can be replayed in 2K clarity, so it’s easy to see exactly what’s going on inside. The eufy Indoor Cam can connect to an Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so users can have complete control over the system.

When the camera detects motion, it will automatically track and follow whatever’s moving. This is especially useful when dog owners want to check in on their pup while they’re away. Users can also talk to their pets with this smart cam because of its two-way audio feature.

4. Wyze Cam V3

The Wyze Cam V3 is another popular dog camera choice for all types of dog owners. This camera has two-way audio, works with Alexa and Google Assistant and even has color night vision for the ultimate viewing experience. Dog owners can check on their dogs overnight if need be with the Wyze Cam. 

Additionally, the Wyze Cam V3 can be used both indoors and outdoors. With motion and sound detection, along with 24/7 continuous recording, this is yet another viable dog camera that dog owners can purchase online. 

5. Petcube Bites 2

Users can see, talk to and reward their pets with treats with the Petcube Bites 2. Rewarding dogs with treats is a positive reinforcement technique that many dog owners will use to improve their behavior. 

Petcube Bites 2 comes with wide-angle viewing and HD video for the ultimate monitoring experience. Users can set the treat dispenser to interact with the dog remotely — they can choose the number of treats they want and how far they’re thrown to keep the dog entertained.

6. Arlo Essential Wireless Security Camera

The Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera is a great choice for dog owners looking to place a camera in a small space. With 1080p video recording capabilities, WiFi connectivity and 6-month battery life, it’s a security camera that is powerful yet affordable. 

This essential wireless camera is easy to recharge, simple to set up and even has solar charging capabilities. Arlo’s camera also works well with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit. 

7. YI Pet Camera

The YI Pet Camera is a wireless, indoor camera that is chock full of features that make leaving home a breeze for dog owners. These are some key features:

  • Enhanced night vision
  • Super HD 2K resolution
  • Motion detection
  • Two-way audio
  • WiFi connectivity
  • Works with Alexa

There are a few different types of cameras offered by YI — there’s surely one to suit every dog owner’s needs.

8. WOpet Smart Pet Camera

WOpet’s Smart Pet Camera comes with all the bells and whistles. Some features include a treat dispenser, night vision and two-way audio so users can communicate with their dogs. 

Users can scan a QR code during installation to download a smartphone app to gain more control over their WOpet camera. It’s easy to set up and can make checking on a pet simple. Set up only takes a couple of minutes. Accessing the mobile app is a convenient way for owners to monitor pet activity.

9. Owlet Home Pet Camera

Owlet Home is a smart home devices provider and offers a Home Pet Camera with features to make remote pet monitoring easier than ever. These are some of the features of the Owlet Home Pet Camera:

  • 1080P HD video recordings
  • Live HD video streaming
  • Automatic night vision
  • Two-way audio
  • Interactive treat tossing
  • Doubles as a home security camera

Owlet is compatible with Alexa and setting it up only takes a few minutes. The camera needs to be plugged in, the mobile app needs to be downloaded, and once the camera connects to a home WiFi network, it’s ready for use.

10. Blink Mini Security Camera

Last but not least is the popular Blink Mini security camera. It’s an indoor 1080P WiFi-enabled camera with two-way audio and motion detection capabilities. Setup only requires users to plug in the camera, connect it to WiFi and add the device to the smartphone Blink app. 

It’s also possible for users to purchase a Blink video storage subscription plan for $3 per month per camera to store all video recordings safely. 

Any of these ten options would work well for most dog owners. Still, it’s always a good idea to consider affordability. Dog cameras can help connect dogs to their owners when away from home to prevent separation anxiety or bad behavior, but they shouldn’t break the bank.

Keep Dogs Safe By Using Pet Cameras

More and more homeowners are installing security cameras in their homes, and dog cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Checking in on a dog can provide them comfort and companionship when owners spend time away from their homes. Consider purchasing one of the dog cameras listed above for convenient dog monitoring.