The 7 Best Android Smartwatches of 2024

May 22, 2024 • Shannon Flynn


The best Android smartwatches of 2024 are perfect companions to your Android phone. It’s easy to see why — like smartphones, smartwatches have a ton of functionalities to make your day easier. From tracking your fitness to placing calls independently, these Android smart devices make a perfect pair with smartphones.

Google Pixel Watch 2

One of the best Android smartwatches on the market — the Google Pixel Watch 2 has everything you could need from a smartwatch wrapped in a sleek-looking package on your wrist. The original Pixel Watch was already great, but this newest edition brings several key improvements.

The most notable of these upgrades is an extended battery life. The Pixel Watch 2 can last up to 33 hours on a single charge. It also comes loaded with smart features like fall detection, auto-start and auto-stop workout detection and Safety Check, which shares your location with trusted contacts if you don’t check in after a set time.

Like the original, the Pixel Watch 2 also comes with full Fitbit functionality, thanks to Google’s acquisition of Fitbit that settled in 2021. Pretty much anything you’d expect from a Fitbit works on your Pixel Watch, with the added benefits of everything Android has to offer.

The interface of the Pixel Watch is responsive and easy to use. Swiping up, down, left and right brings up different menus to use its functionalities. Meanwhile, rotating the crown at the top will allow you to access the app menu. You can also use it with any Android phone running Android 9.0 or higher. That’s important because the Galaxy Watch loses some functionality on non-Samsung devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is one of, if not the best Android smartwatch of 2024 for anyone with a Samsung phone. It heralds the return of the Galaxy Watch’s rotating bezel, which makes it easier than ever to scroll through menus. It also boasts an impressive battery life of up to 40 hours.

Compared to the flagship Galaxy Watch 6, the Classic has a shinier, higher-quality steel case and a classy synthetic leather wristband. Apart from that, it has all the upgrades the Watch 6 brought over the last generation.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes in two sizes — 43mm and 47 mm — whereas the Galaxy Watch 5 only went up to 45 mm, with the smallest option being 40 mm. That’s not a huge jump in size, but it’s enough to make it easier on your eyes. It brings back all the health monitoring features you’d expect from Samsung and makes it easy to control other Android devices.

Garmin Venu 2

The Garmin Venu 2 is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who want extra features for everyday life. Not much has changed regarding the design — being extremely similar to the original Garmin Venu. The big upgrade is to the display, which is now high-resolution and streamlined to include more data on your workout. 

What sets the Garmin Venu 2 apart from other fitness trackers is its ability to monitor many different kinds of sports. Runners, in particular, will love this watch — it features many different functionalities to measure all types of running workouts.

Another great feature is the built-in GPS. Befitting one of the first third-party GPS companies, Garmin’s GPS tracker is highly accurate. It can provide measurements with little to no errors and even construct highly detailed maps out of your data.

Garmin has since come out with a newer version in the Venu 3, but the Venu 2 remains a better deal for your money. The Venu 3 has a bigger screen and a few minor software improvements, but nothing drastic enough to warrant the price increase, especially considering you can now find a Venu 2 on sale at many retailers.

Fitbit Versa 3

Although Fitbit has released more recent products, such as the Fitbit Sense 3 and Versa 4, many smartwatch reviewers will say that the Fitbit Versa 3 is still one of the best Android smartwatches of 2024. 

The Versa 3 is a jack-of-all-trades smartwatch that’s great for every day and working out. While it doesn’t have as many features as the latest models of the Fitbit Sense, it does everything you expect a smartwatch to do and does it well. 

These include built-in GPS and your choice of Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa support. The Versa 3’s battery lasts five days, give or take, without recharging. It is water-resistant and highly durable. But its most significant advantage over higher-end models is that it can deliver all these features for a cheaper price.

Amazfit GTR 4

The Amazfit GTR 4 is one of the best sports-oriented Android smartwatches of 2024. Unlike other watches designed for general functionality, the Amazfit GTR 4 is all about sports like cycling, hiking and running. At just $200, it also offers some of the most bang for your buck.

As you’d expect from something so sporty, the GTR 4 is built like a tank and lasts as long — up to 14 days without recharging. The display is a full-color touchscreen complete with programmable buttons on the side. Despite its toughness, the design makes it lightweight, comfortable to wear and waterproof for up to 50 meters. For the record, that is actually waterproof, not the water resistance you’ll find on iPhones and other electronics, which is slightly different.

In addition to the standard fitness tracking features, the GTR 4 comes equipped with many functions dedicated to cycling, such as a dedicated GPS that tracks how far you travel. While it might not be as feature-rich as its competitors, cyclists and other outdoor enthusiasts will get everything they need at an affordable price.

Garmin Vivomove 3

In addition to their line of sport smartwatches, Garmin also makes hybrid digital-analog watches or “swatches” for general usage. Of these, the Vivomove 3 is the latest and the most feature-packed. These watches have all the functionality of a smartwatch combined with the look and feel of a traditional, stylish wristwatch.

While originally designed for general use, the Vivomove 3 places a little more emphasis on workout functionality. This includes a tougher casing to endure more wear and tear and a built-in GPS tracker, among other features. Its OLED screen is hidden against the watch face, giving it the look of a classic watch until you tap the screen.

Regarding features, the Vivomove 3 comes with all the apps that might be helpful for day-to-day activities — from weather to a music player. As for fitness functions, the Vivomove 3 has all the basics, such as heart and respiration rate trackers and step trackers. It can even display your stress levels.  

Garmin has recently released two different versions of the Vivomove 3, the Luxe and the Style. These models put more emphasis on the classic watch look — being more stylish rather than sporty. However, all functions remain the same as the original Vivomove 3.

Withings ScanWatch 2

Maybe you’re interested in smartwatches as a concept but still like the visual appeal of a classic analog watch. Hybrid smartwatches are the way to go if you fall into that category, and the Withings ScanWatch 2 is the best one you can get in 2024.

The ScanWatch 2 has an analog clock face but a small circular OLED display in the top-center of the face. While this setup gives you much less room to see and do things than a full smartwatch, it’s enough for fitness tracking, checking the weather or previewing notifications.

At $350, the ScanWatch 2 is a little expensive, considering you won’t get full smartwatch functionality. But for some users, the tradeoff for a sleeker, classier look is worth it. The features you do get are nothing to sniff at, either. It has an electrocardiogram, a blood oxygen sensor, sleep tracking and even period tracking.

Another benefit of not having many apps running in the background is that this watch holds a charge better than any full smartwatch. It can go up to 30 days without charging. Even with heavier use, you’ll be able to go at least 20 days before recharging.

Smartwatches are Getting Better and Better

The best Android smartwatches of 2022 and 2023 are ones that complement your Android smartphone and your life perfectly. As we begin the new year and beyond, innovations in smartwatch technology are just around the corner.

Original Publish Date 4/5/2023 — Updated 5/22/2024