8 Best Remote Monitoring Systems for Smart Homes in 2021

May 12, 2020 • Shannon Flynn

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Are you looking into remote monitoring systems for your home? Having a smart home helps you control things such as the lights and temperature, which keeps you more comfortable and impresses guests.

However, it can also offer you peace of mind by letting you keep an eye on your home from anywhere at any time. When you have a lot of expensive smart gadgets in your home, that’s a benefit you can’t ignore. No one wants to think about a break-in, but it’s better to prepare than be caught defenseless.

Thankfully, there are plenty of excellent smart security solutions available today. Here are some remote monitoring systems to check out this year. 

1. The ADT Pulse App

This application works with an existing ADT home security system, plus popular smart home technologies, including the Google Assistant and Alexa. Besides letting users control compatible gadgets, it enables arming or disarming an alarm, plus getting real-time footage of what’s happening at your abode. Text alerts about things such as motion detected by a camera give you practical information and let you take stock of the situation. 

People can also enable or disable smart locks or the garage door. That option works well if a person leaves home and realizes they forgot to secure the premises first.

If you’re interested in this system, request a quote from ADT.

2. The Vivint Smart Home App

This application gives you more control over the Vivint security equipment in your home. Besides showing live video feeds from the cameras installed in a smart home, this app enables setting custom alerts. Then, you can stay informed about the activity that matters most without getting notification overload. 

The customization options extend to repetitive actions, too. For example, you can make the app lock your doors at a certain time every night or unlock them if a fire or carbon monoxide alarm sounds. These possibilities give you flexibility while ensuring safety. 

The machine-learning element in this application is essential. It uses geolocation data and sensor information to determine if you’re home or away. Then, connected products, such as smart thermostats, respond accordingly. Such technology ensures you don’t waste resources. 

Contact Vivint if you’d like to get a custom quote.

3. Frontpoint DIY Home Security

Frontpoint offers a unique approach to home security, letting users design their own system. They sell a wide range of security devices, from cameras to home automation systems, that all work together. You can pick and choose the devices you want without having to pay for anything you don’t need.

All of Frontpoint’s devices are ready out of the box and don’t require professional installation. They also all work with an easy-to-use mobile app and are completely wireless. Like ADT, Frontpoint offers professional monitoring too, helping you contact the authorities in an emergency.

Since Frontpoint is a build-your-own solution, the cost can vary quite a bit. They also offer several pre-built packages that start at $319.95, but you can often get them on sale for cheaper.

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4. Nest Hello

This remote monitoring system is a doorbell camera, so it’s ideal for people who want to watch front door-related traffic from wherever they are. The product provides 24/7 streaming, plus the ability to go back in time for up to three hours to see a snapshot history. People who sign up for Nest Aware subscriptions can see 30 days of archived footage. High-definition video and night vision give excellent clarity for the captured material, too. 

Before the smart home era, you might have left lights on to scare off would-be intruders. The high-definition Talk and Listen feature represents an evolution in smart home security. It allows you to hear and respond to people who show up at your door, even while hundreds of miles away. Alternatively, you can set up pre-recorded messages. 

This product starts at $199.00, though you can also opt for professional installation.

5. SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security System

This setup allows watching out for unwanted visitors, as well as things that may not immediately cross your mind, like leaks and temperatures that can cause burst pipes. The technology also relies on a heat signature system to differentiate between people and pets. Moreover, glass-break sensors know the difference between someone shattering a plate while cooking or a burglar punching their way through a window. 

Control this system from anywhere, whether using a smartphone, computer or tablet. Also,  launch the app to view livestream camera footage or set up alerts of events happening when you aren’t at home. 

The required SimpliCam cameras cost $99 each, while desired services have additional fees. 

6. abode iota All-in-One Security Kit

The abode iota All-in-One Security Kit features several devices working together to secure a home. The main component is a hub with a built-in camera and siren. Then, mini window and door sensors safeguard common entry points. Finally, a key fob allows setting or disabling the system — even if an unexpected event takes it offline. 

If you already have lots of other smart home devices, that’s no problem. This remote monitoring system works with up to 160 existing products. Plus, choose from do-it-yourself or professional installation depending on your confidence level. 

abode offers three complementing security plans. All of them provide self-monitoring from any smartphone or computer. People who sign up for the first- or second-tier plan can also opt for short-term professional monitoring. 

The Security Kit costs $199, while professional monitoring starts at $8 per month.

7. Brinks Home Security

Brinks is one of the most recognizable names in home security. They offer three tiers of security solutions, each offering state-of-the-art devices and 24/7 professional monitoring. As you’d expect with a modern security system, they all feature smartphone control too.

Brinks’ most basic system features a control hub, a motion sensor and two door sensors. If you go with one of their more expensive systems, you can get more sensors, cameras and smart doorbells, too. All of Brinks’ packages include home automation, turning lights and locks on and off according to your schedule.

These systems also feature cellular backup, so if your Wi-Fi goes down, it won’t interfere with your security. You can also customize each package if you want more or fewer of a specific device.

While the pricing depends on your customization, Brinks tends to be an expensive option. Packages start around $199 and require at least a three-year contract. You can get a 30-day free trial, though.

8. Ring Alarm Security Kit (2nd Generation)

Amazon’s Ring brand made its name as one of the first producers of video doorbells. Now, they offer much more than just smart doorbells, including Ring Alarm, their all-in-one security solution. This solution is one of the most affordable and versatile options on the market today.

The Ring Alarm Security Kit comes in several different packages, with the cheapest offering five pieces of equipment. This five-piece option includes a control hub, keypad, a contact sensor, a motion detector and a range extender. While it’s not the most expansive package you can find, it’s certainly not the most sparse, either, especially for the price.

Other Ring packages include more of each type of sensor, and some come with the Ring video doorbell. On top of these devices, the Ring Alarm Security Kit comes with a user-friendly mobile app and Alexa support. The kit can even work with Alexa-compatible devices from other brands.

The Ring Alarm Security Kit starts at $199.99, with recording and monitoring plans starting at $3 a month.

Remote Monitoring Systems Make Home Security a Snap

As this list of remote monitoring systems shows, you can stay on top of what happens at home — even without being there. Since most of these options sync with other smart home equipment, you’ll see how easy it is to go beyond keeping your property secure. Whether you want a contract-based service or something wholly managed by your household, the choices here are worth a look.