All of the New Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Characters

October 5, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


Nintendo stunned the gaming community on Wednesday when they revealed one of the new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters. In a highly-requested but unexpected move, the newest Smash Bros character is Steve from Minecraft. Fans have joked about the possibility of a Minecraft-Smash Bros crossover for ages, but its happening for real.

Steve isn’t the only Minecraft character coming to Smash Bros Ultimate, either. In the short but action-packed announcement video, Nintendo showcased four new fighters: Steve, Alex, Zombie and Enderman. Seeing how Nintendo referenced them as one character instead of several, they’ll probably work like the Koopalings, closer to skins than individual fighters.

Like past DLC characters, the Minecraft bunch comes with a new stage, too. You can also expect some of Minecraft’s iconic music along with the stage and fighters. As for when you access this content, Nintendo has yet to say.

The announcement trailer didn’t give any details about the new characters’ move sets, either. We did see Steve fighting with a sword, pickaxe and TNT, but his playstyle is still a mystery. For that and the release date, you’ll have to wait until Nintendo’s October 3 showcase.

Past DLC Characters

Steve is the second character in Fighters Pass Vol. 2, the second Smash Bros Ultimate DLC. The only other Vol. 2 character Nintendo’s revealed so far is Min Min from Arms. That means that there are still four fighters left in this DLC pack we have yet to see.

The first Fighters Pass includes five more characters. That pack includes:

  • Joker from Persona
  • Hero from Dragon Quest
  • Banjo and Kazooie from Banjo-Kazooie
  • Terry Bogard from Fatal Fury
  • Byleth from Fire Emblem

You can also buy each of these characters individually. Each one has its own Challenger Pack, which includes the fighter, their stage and songs from their original games. Pirhana Plant from the Mario series is also available to purchase without a Challenger Pack.

Lead designer Masahiro Sakurai said they don’t plan on another Fighters Pass in a February interview. So it looks like the four unannounced fighters will be the last to come to Smash Bros. Still, that leaves the final Smash Bros Ultimate roster at a staggering 81 playable characters.

More Fighters Still to Come

As for what the next four characters are, that remains a mystery. Many players have speculated that Crash Bandicoot or Spyro could make an appearance. Others have suggested Doomguy or the Knight from Hollow Knight.

A new character that is coming to Smash is Sephiroth from the Final Fantasy universe, announced at the 2020 Game Awards in December.

The reveal of Minecraft Steve and Sephiroth shows just how unexpected Nintendo can be. While cynical gamers could say we’ll just get more Fire Emblem fighters, anything’s possible. We’ll have to wait and see what other new Smash Bros Ultimate DLC characters Nintendo has in store.