Why You Should Plan to Have a Productive Day

December 16, 2019 • Devin Partida


Most people want to wake up and have a productive day. But every day, you face a new to-do list. It might be shorter on some days than others, but it’s almost always waiting for you as soon as your day begins.

Some people prefer to have their to-do list saved in their minds, but that doesn’t always work out so well. Taking a few minutes each night to plan out your next day could be what transforms it from a day spent racing the clock to one where you’re ahead of the game.

Read on to discover why you should plan to have a productive day before the day even begins. You’ll learn a few tricks that will encourage you to plan things out and discover how your average day becomes transformed with a bit of thought ahead of time.

1. You’ll Save Yourself Time

After you enjoy your breakfast and your first mug of coffee in the mornings, do you feel like you’re already behind? It’s tempting to skip breakfast or a healthy morning routine so you can carve a few extra minutes out of your day.

When you do that, you only end up hurting yourself. Nourishing food and a reliable routine help your body and mind function at their best. You can still enjoy both and have enough time left in your day for your responsibilities if you plan your day early. Spend time the night before scheduling out your tasks to restructure your day into something more manageable.

2. You Set Healthy Goals

When you get in the habit of planning productive days, you begin to set healthy life goals that help you in your personal and professional life. Those goals then transform into good habits if you keep them up every day. Your new goals could be spending ten minutes meditating in the morning or journaling at night before bed. Cater them to what you’re interested in trying once you know what free time you can play around with once you’ve planned out your workday.

3. You Leave Room for Breaks

Without a plan set in place for your workday, it’s easy to feel extra stressed about pushing through your work to get everything done. That leads people to skip breaks when they could feel better and get more accomplished by taking a healthy break once in a while.

It’s important to take regular rest periods to recharge your brain. You’ll get back to work with more focus and energy, which leads to higher quality work and lower stress levels.

4. You Avoid Decision Fatigue

Before you ever clock into work in the morning, you’ve already made decisions that set up your day. The less you have planned, the more you need to decide on what you should do. That eventually leads to decision fatigue, which adds to the general fatigue of a workday. Prevent that from building up by planning everything out the day before so you have fewer decisions to make.

5. You Take Preventative Action

Sometimes things come up during the day that you need to handle. You might get a surprise email with a request for a rush order task or a call about a meeting that’s been moved up. When you plan out your day ahead of time, you take preventative action that helps you easily handle any surprises. You’ll know what you can move around and never miss a deadline, no matter what happens during the day.

Daily Plans Help Everyone Win

You should plan to have a productive day because daily plans help everyone win. You accomplish more during the day, lower your stress levels and work better as part of your office team. Schedule out each day to enjoy these benefits, whether or not you have a lot to do.