What to Improve at Work To Reach Your Peak Performance

July 22, 2019 • Rehack Team


Wondering what to improve at work so you can get more done in your day? Maybe you’re easily distracted or have difficulty focusing on specific tasks.

Unlocking your full potential is simple. These six tips will help you get started with what to improve at work.

1. Turn Off the Internet

Distractions are one of the most significant challenges employees face. More than 70% of workers feel distracted on the job, and 16% revealed they’re never focused. A driver behind workplace distractions is the internet, a channel for email notifications, chat requests, video calls, pop-ups and more.

If possible, schedule time in your workday to turn off Wi-Fi or online notifications. The lack of distractions will allow you to focus on the task at hand and reach peak performance.

2. Pick Up a Hobby

It’s essential to have an outlet outside of the workplace. A hobby can help employees relieve stress and keep the creative juices flowing. A new sense of relaxation and control will translate to workplace positivity, where employees feel they have a greater mastery of skills, collaborative abilities and performance.

One company, Zappos, implemented creative recovery into day-to-day operations, hosting art shows, cook-offs and displaying original work around the offices. The goal is to improve engagement and employee well-being.

3. Stop Multi-Tasking

Are you an expert multi-tasker? Studies suggest you might be working slower than you realize, with multi-tasking reducing productivity by as much as 40%. Only a few outliers, coined “supertaskers,” can multi-task efficiently. Instead of juggling multiple projects at once, choose one item off the to-do list to focus on.

Work on one item at a time. Don’t start a new project until the previous one has been completed or shelved. You might have to rotate through projects on a day-to-day basis, but it’s important to put one aside before picking up another.

4. Use New Techniques

Do you struggle to sit down and do the work? The act of putting nose-to-grindstone can be difficult, especially when the task ahead is vague or challenging. Don’t let a project cause undue stress. Instead, try out the Pomodoro Technique, inspired by Francesco Cirillo.

Set a timer to 25 minutes and work on one single task without a break. After, take a five-minute break. Then, restart the process with a new item. The technique is said to improve performance and efficiency in the workplace and at home.

5. Add Some Greenery

Research has shown offices with plants and green space make workers happier and more productive. A green office improves employee satisfaction and increases engagement by making them more emotionally, cognitively and physically involved in their work. In one work environment with plants, employee productivity increased by 15%.

You can’t always control your office decor, but you can manage your personal space. Bring in a small plant to brighten up your cubicle, like a cactus or succulent. Be sure to choose a species that can thrive indoors.

6. Implement a Plan

Implement a performance improvement plan to focus on one specific problem in the workplace and how you can improve. Read feedback from managers or coworkers and analyze your performance. Perhaps you often miss deadlines or don’t closely follow client instructions.

Action steps to correct these issues are a vital component of an improvement plan. Pick one problem and implement specific goals. Take steps to cut out distractions in your office or keep a handwritten checklist of client requests.

Figuring out what to improve at work may be simpler than you think. Reaching peak performance in the workplace doesn’t have to be hard. Try a new technique where you set a timer for fifteen-minute intervals.

Cut out distractions by turning off your internet access. Or add some greenery, like flowers or plants, to improve satisfaction and engagement in the workplace.