Tax Season Is Stressful For Your Accountant Too

March 9, 2017 • Rehack Team


If you think you’re stressed at this time of year, you might want to check in with your accountant. We’re in the home stretch before tax day, and there are undoubtedly fewer people busier than those preparing tax returns.

For many, it’s common to consider your accountant during tax season. With that being the case, now is a good time to show them you appreciate the work they do to keep your finances in order with as little stress on you as possible.

Here are four gift ideas for your accountant during what is their busiest time of the year.

1. Inspirational Quotes

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Printed quotes on a wall may seem cheesy or hokey, but they really can help. No, a poster that reads “Keep Life Simple” isn’t going to automatically make your life easier, but meaningful words can be a constant reminder to slow down and take the message to heart.

One gift idea for accountants during tax season is a nice framed version of one of these inspirational quotes. Posters featuring stress-related quotes are all over the internet. They can be purchased on the cheap or even printed out.

To add more professional flair, make sure the poster is framed. You are, after all, dealing with a professional office setting and not an elementary classroom wall.

2. Essential Oils

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You’re likely not very close to your accountant on a social level, so lower-cost gifts that aren’t overly personal make the most sense. Also, knowing how much stress they might be under during tax season, getting them something that helps alleviate that stress may be in order.

Essential oil kits are a good option. Essential oils are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that promote emotional and physical wellness. There are more than 3,000 known essential oils, which sounds like a lot, but there are some specifically geared toward stress relief and tranquility.

3. Portable Battery Charger

One reason to give your accountant a gift is to show your appreciation. Another is to help them relieve stress. In this day and age, there are fewer things more stressful than a smartphone battery that’s about to die.

This tax season, consider gifting your accountant a portable battery charger, which automatically relieves the stress of the possibility of a phone dying. There are many portable chargers to choose from, and you can find a very good one for less than $50.

Most portable chargers can fully charge a smartphone at least once, and they often do so quickly. These can come in particularly handy if your accountant tends to go from client to client each day, rather than staying holed up in their own office. It’s a simple gesture that will no doubt be appreciated.

4. Stress-relieving Tea

It’s a safe bet your accountant is either a coffee or a tea drinker (or both), and consumption most likely skyrockets during tax season. If that is the case, a nice selection of stress-relieving teas will always be welcome.

First, teach yourself a bit about the different properties of various herbal teas. For example, mint can relax the mind and helps battle an upset stomach, while lavender can help reduce nervous exhaustion, stress-induced headaches and general anxiety. If you know your accountant already has a vast selection of teas, a tea pot or tea cozy is another thoughtful gift. A mug warmer for keeping coffee or tea hot is also thoughtful.

During any stressful time, it’s nice to know someone is thinking of you. And your accountant thinks of you a lot! Show some appreciation for the time and energy they put into crunching your numbers.

When looking to give a gift to your accountant, it doesn’t have to be anything over the top. The gesture will be appreciated no matter what, and they’ll like it even more if it’s something that can help them get through this hectic time of year.