Warning Signs You Could Be Taking Better Care of Yourself

August 26, 2016 • Rehack Team


You’re a hard worker. You show up to work, do what you need to do and constantly exceed expectations. Sometimes, however, you feel you aren’t working as efficiently as you’d like. You can’t figure out why, but you know something is different. You lack the motivation you once had. Chances are you need to take better care of yourself.

You need to take time away from your busy schedule to focus on yourself. Your health and well-being is more important than work, and it could negatively impact your productivity if you aren’t taking care of it.

So what should you look for? Here are some warning signs that you could be taking better care of yourself.

You’re Always Tired

Your lunch break just ended. You sit down at your desk ready to tackle the rest of the day when all of a sudden a wave of sleepiness hits you.

Nothing ruins a productive day like being tired. You lose all motivation and feel like you can’t focus. This feeling might come from your diet, because some foods take up more energy to digest and will leave you feeling more tired. Berries, walnuts, bananas and eggs are just a few foods you should be eating that’ll boost your energy levels.

You might also not be getting enough sleep at night, which could be a result of stress from work. Try to relax at night by meditating or reading a book. You can’t fix anything at work from your bed, so you might as well get a good night’s rest.

You Avoid People

Have you stopped answering texts? Maybe you stay at home over the weekends and get a head start on some work for the next week? If so, it’s time to get out and about. Socializing with other people is an important aspect of self-care.

You need to get your mind off work every once in a while. Surround yourself with people that’ll help you do this. If you only focus on work, then you trap yourself in a bubble of stress. Yes, you should be taking work seriously – but you should also take the time to unwind and connect with other people on an emotional level. It’s good for you and you’ll be more focused when you clock into work on Monday morning.

You’re Procrastinating

Procrastination has taken over your life. You have trouble sitting down and getting to work on a task. This is a sign you need to spend more time on yourself.

Take a break. Give yourself a vacation. Do everything in your power to get away from work and reset your batteries. Right now you aren’t focused because you’re overworking. You’re putting too much of your energy into the work you’re doing. Sometimes you need to step away for a little while to fully appreciate your job.

You Have High Anxiety

You’re always worried. In your mind, something is about to go wrong or it’s already going wrong. I’m here to tell you that it’s going to be OK.

Anxiety is a heightened sense of awareness to prepare for threats. This means your anxiety is a sign you need to give attention to a specific part of yourself. Something isn’t right and you aren’t willing to confront it. This might be work related or something in your personal life.

Go to your local bookstore and buy a journal. Sit down and start writing. Don’t think. Just write. You’ll explore a part of you that has been bothering you for some time now. This is a healthy self-care exercise that will help you get through whatever is causing your anxiety.

You Feel Overwhelmed

There’s a lot going on at work and in your life – or maybe there isn’t. That doesn’t change the fact that every day you feel overwhelmed.

This stress causes you to not care about work. Take a deep breath and relax. Pick one day on the weekend and choose a fun activity that will get your mind away from work. Maybe you like to go fishing or you want to see a concert. Perhaps you want to stay in and watch a movie. Get away from work because when you come back, you’ll find those problems you were stressing out about are manageable.

It Starts With You

The only person that’s going to take care of you is you. Make an effort to improve your self-care and be a more productive person.