The Benefits of Surrounding Yourself With Positive Energy

March 15, 2018 • Rehack Team


When negative energy takes a toll, start surrounding yourself with positive energy and people. Positive people offer up empathy and compassion, motivating others to follow their dreams and goals while actively caring for themselves. They’re not doormats, either — they accept and move on from negative situations while knowing bad moments don’t make up all of life.

Negative emotions hold an essential place in emotional processing and personal growth, but too much negative energy hangs like a cloud. Soon, it affects how you see yourself and lead your daily life. Surrounding yourself with positive energy lightens the burden and reminds you of the joy in your life.

The negative self-talk in your mind can also be lessened by surrounding yourself with positive energy. Life is meant to be filled with color. Here are a few ways to bring your sparkle back.

Music Mood Boost

Music plugs you back into life. It can turn down the sound of negative, irrational thoughts by releasing endorphins and serotonin in the brain. Music refocuses your mind to the present moment and allows you connect with how you feel. Listening to a sad song helps you put words and music to grief, enabling you to express and transform that emotion.

Positive Crew

The company you keep effects and reflects who you become and where you’re headed. Feeling negative, stuck and stagnant? Look at the people you surround yourself with, especially your inner circle.

Cultivate a positive crew to build you up and offer constructive criticism as you need. Real friends and loved ones don’t demolish you every time you climb higher in this world.


People say laughter offers the best medicine and research agrees — laughing lowers the stress hormone in the body and relaxes muscles up to 45 minutes later. Laughter also burns calories, boosts immunity and protects your heart.


Want to improve your happiness? All you have to do is shake your groove thang — whether that’s a dance party in your pajamas or taking group dancing lessons. Dance is more effective in decreasing anxiety levels than meditation due to the emotional high experienced as a result of the beat, movement and connection found with a partner.

People laugh more when they make mistakes in dance and improvisation boosts problem-solving skills —dance is about the connection and trust you build with a partner.

Hug Someone

Touch is one of the five senses but it’s also intrinsic to humans as social creatures, to communicate emotion and intent. Not only do hugs reinforce feelings of caring and other positive emotions but they possess cold-fighting abilities. Previous research has revealed diverse social ties are linked with healthy immune systems. Participants in one study developed less cold symptoms after being hugged more often.

Keep a Gratitude Journal

Every day or week, write down something you feel grateful for — maybe it’s a stranger buying you coffee or your daughter’s smile at the end of a long day. Maybe it’s the simple fact you made it through the day.

Writing down these positive thoughts reinforce their power and you can revisit them at any time, weakening the hold of negativity.

Speak Kindly to Yourself

Lessen the impact of negative self-talk by speaking kindly to yourself. A negative mood haunts you throughout the day and affects personal and professional relationships. When you speak kindly to yourself, positivity will radiate from the inside out. Allow this to be your primary act of self-care.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness

People have a weakness for feel-good stories on social media because they do make you feel good. Through research utilizing fMRI technology, science validates that helping others fulfills people since the same reward centers for food and sex light up in the brain. Giving doesn’t always feel good because sometimes others guilt trip you into the act, but when you give from a place of awareness you will feel happy.

Don’t reward emotional manipulation. Give time instead of money and be proactive versus reactive when giving back.

Escape Stagnancy

Feel like you’re never going to go anywhere in life? Feel stuck and can’t place your finger on why? Check the temperature of your environment. Are you surrounded by cold people who don’t have your best interest at heart?

You’re bound to feel stuck and negative when around the same negative people and stale life circumstances 24/7. Stop swimming in the same pond and break out of your comfort zone. Attend networking events or join a new club to broaden your horizons.

Give Yourself a Break

Give yourself a break when you make a mistake, but also take a break when you need it. Give yourself a minute to rant and let it go. Cancel plans when you feel bad, practice self-care and forgive yourself first.

Practice these ten tips as keys to freeing happiness in your life. You’re almost there. The key is you and it’s always been you: laugh, dance and hug someone. Life is short — embrace it.