4 Kinds Of Resume Templates To Help You Find Your Dream Job

April 5, 2017 • Rehack Team


The job application process is like working overtime at a full-time job, and, due to anxiety or time crunches, you’re not always able to design a perfectly structured or creative resume.

Your time and attention to detail are already divided when it comes to tracking down references, organizing your portfolio or wording and proofreading written materials. The important goal is that your resume presents concise and clear information about your experience and candidacy while revealing a fascinating dash of your personality. And as more recruiters turn to AI, you’ll also want to make sure your resume is also readable by algorithms.

It’s completely acceptable to turn to resume templates, which provide examples and the bones of your resume to build upon with your information. Save some time, sanity and take a look at these four free resume templates to land your dream job.

1. Visually-Focused Designer Template

template - 1

For creative folks, a layered resume template organizes information into distinct columns utilizing white space in a well-balanced way. The design bridges experience and education columns with the resume summary and contact details centered in the resume.

Utilizing white space is an important trait a designer needs to demonstrate in their portfolio. It also makes the resume scannable, helping employers find the right information quickly and lands you in the interview pile.

To boot, it’s print-ready at as a 300 dpi A4 AI file. All you’ll need are your mad editing skills to make this yours. Add your personal flairs. Drop in a few small illustrations of your own around your photo and name, and grab the attention of employers with your personality.

Download it here.

2. Timeline of Experience Resume

template - 2

While many people have nailed down the concept of a one-page resume, nearly everyone uses bullet points and big paragraphs to communicate their experience. Make it easier on the hiring manager’s eyes and choose a timeline layout, which takes advantage of a visual representation of the progression of your experience.

This is an especially creative option if your job entails working with graphs and tables. This design is no-frills, with your employment history as the timeline and a sidebar showcasing your specific skills, personality and contact information. This timeline of experience template comes in INDD, AI and PSD formats.

Download it here.

3. Tried and True Basic Resume

template - 3

When you’re applying for a corporate or conservative role, too many visuals in a resume are distracting and may be viewed as trying too hard. Maybe you prefer your tried and true basic resume, with straightforward contact information at the top and an A-Z one column layout.

There are advantages to falling in line. Hiring managers know exactly where to look on your resume, and it shows you are able to follow directions. Popping information in a standard MS Word resume template is exactly what every other Tom, Harry and Sally are doing.

Opt for a slight, eye-catching upgrade to a no-frills resume focused on the details that matter. This template style is tried and true for a reason — it works. No fancy software files here: download a tried and true resume template as an MS Word file, and check out Template 4 as a favorite.

Download it here.

4. Demonstrative Project-Based Resume

template - 4

When your resume falls somewhere on the spectrum between resume and C.V., what do you call it? Rez Vitae? Sure.

When you’ve managed or designed many projects, you want to demonstrate that, but some companies and industries may not require a portfolio. For companies that lean on the one-page resume, try out this project-based template that demonstrates your work through visual images and optional captions to describe each project concisely.

The resume is centered with appropriate columns to balance the important details of your experience, skills and each project in an appealing way that won’t drive the hiring manager insane. Download the project-based template as an A4 vector file in AI and be surprised by how clear and clean the design is.

Download it here.

Get ahead in the resume game with these trusty and eye-catching templates, which will definitely catch the hiring manager’s attention.

You shouldn’t have to worry about designing and laying out a perfect resume template for five hours overnight. You could be going over other vital aspects of your job application to land your dream job. Your experience and skills will be front and center. Be confident — you’ve got this!