6 Office Tips for Efficiency and Time Management

October 4, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Once you sit down at your desk to begin working for the day, it’s much easier said than done to just power through your to-do list. Distractions come up all the time at work. Sometimes it’s your coworker wanting to catch up and other times it’s urgent tasks that you didn’t think you’d have to do that day. Know the best office tips for efficiency.

No matter what your office life is like, you can still get into the routine of being efficient and managing your time correctly. All you have to do is try something new, which may end up being exactly what you need to keep your workdays on track.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out these six office tips for efficiency and time management. After you try a few of them out, you’ll be able to complete your daily schedule no matter what life tries to throw at you.

1. Clean Up Your Desk

Think back to all those times you worked hard to spring clean your home. After you finished, you probably felt like you could get more done in your home, like daily chores.

Getting rid of clutter gives you a clean space to work where all you have to do is focus. There won’t be any candy wrappers or old water bottles hanging around your desk that make your work station an unpleasant place to be.

That’s why cleaning your desk should be the first thing you try to become more efficient. Once the clutter is gone and everything’s been organized, you’ll breeze through any work task.

2. Enjoy Stretch Breaks

How long do you usually work before getting up to stretch your legs and move around? You may think that it’s better to work for as long as possible, but you’ll really just experience burnout. That’s why taking a break and stretching are other great office tips for efficiency.

Instead, enjoy stretch breaks when you can. You’ll relieve pent up stress that accumulates in tight neck and back muscles. You’ll feel ready to go and re-evaluate your calendar with a fresh mind.

3. Set Healthy Goals

Time management can become tricky when you feel like you have a million little things to get done every day. What do those little things add up to? Everyone should take a moment to set healthy goals for yourself so you always know what you’re working towards.

Those goals may look like daily, weekly or monthly achievements that can only be accomplished by your daily tasks. You’ll be encouraged to stay on schedule if you know why your work matters.

4. Enter a Deep Work Mindset

Multi-tasking is something that everyone tries to do, but it can backfire. If you’re trying to get too many things done at once, you’ll have less energy to devote to the quality of what you’re doing.

Try to enter a deep work mindset instead of flying through a bunch of work at the same time. Deep work is when you focus on one task and devote a set amount of time to it.

After that hour or two is done, you can move onto something else. It gives your brain a chance to take a deep breath and switch tasks while still maintaining the energy you need. You may find that you get more done by giving yourself more time for your work.

5. Listen to the Right Music

Many people prefer to have music playing while they work, but is it the right kind of music? Your favorite songs may only distract you from what you’re doing, encouraging you to sing along or think about the memories you associate with that song.

The next time you feel the need to press play, listen to the right music that will help you focus. Things like instrumental music or even nature sounds are much better for focusing on your work. You can play the latest hits and your favorite playlists after you finish your work for the day.

6. Remember to Reward Yourself

The best way to learn something new is through positive reinforcement. You wouldn’t expect a kid to learn how to potty train if they weren’t given plenty of hugs and encouragement after each try, so why force change on yourself?

Every time you try any of these office tips for efficiency, reward yourself when you see positive results. Take yourself out to lunch or give yourself a longer break during the day. You’ll train your brain to love using that trick, so it becomes more second-nature as time goes on.

Rewarding yourself, entering a deep work mindset and even stretching are all ways to improve your daily work life. Try them out for yourself and see how they’ll transform your time management and efficiency experience.