Netflix Now Streaming — What to Watch

October 21, 2020 • Devin Partida


Netflix is a go-to source of entertainment for people across the world. Every month, the platform gets new movies and television series for you to enjoy. Here are Netflix now streaming shows and films ready for viewing.


These movies range from thrillers to comedies to documentaries. No matter what kind of mood you’re in, there’s something on this list to entertain you.


Winning three Oscars, Alfonso Cuarón’s “Roma” is a must-see. It follows Yalitza Aparicio’s character, Cleo, who works as a housekeeper for an upper-class family in Mexico. Set in the 1970s, Cleo must navigate societal and familial issues. In black and white, the movie provides stunning visuals


With critical and fan acclaim, many point to “Hereditary” as one of the best horror movies ever, or at least of 2018. With a slow, discomforting build, you’ll find the Ari Aster-directed film messes with your mind and scares you in the most unexpected and unsettling ways. Toni Collette stars.

“Lady Bird”

This Greta Gerwig film combines comedy and drama in a coming of age dynamic. Saoirse Ronan and Laurie Metcalf are just two of the big names in this ensemble cast. Ronan’s character tries to develop a relationship with her mother during her senior year of high school.  


This stunning film stars Trevante Rhodes and André Holland as their characters grow up together and develop feelings for one another. Barry Jenkins directs this story, following the two men’s lives and the challenges they face.


If you’re looking for a movie that has developed a cult following, “Inception” is your best bet. This film follows characters who can alter reality by going inside dreams and influencing people’s minds. It will make you question what’s real and what’s not. Christopher Nolan directs this star-studded film.


For fans of documentaries, this Ava Duvernay examination on race, justice and mass incarceration is a powerful feature. The title refers to the 13th amendment, which abolished slavery except as a punishment for crime. The documentary saw a dramatic increase in views after Black Lives Matter protests sparked across the world.

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse”

This animated film received significant critical acclaim, for its characters, animation and storytelling abilities. It combines multiple different Spider-Mans into one plot, providing a new twist on that universe. Shameik Moore stars as Miles Morales.

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”

In this David Fincher-directed movie, Brad Pitt’s character ages in reverse. Loosely based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald story, this film shows how delicate life can be and how all the people you meet in your life can impact you in ways you never thought.


Bong Joon-ho directs this film, but you might know him better from “Parasite.” Don’t count this thrilling, sci-fi movie out, though. A group of survivors travels on a train through the frozen, apocalyptic world. The train has a secret though, and the film uses it as a metaphor for class and economic divides. Chris Evans stars in this gripping film.

“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

Who doesn’t love a comedy classic? This action-comedy showcases tons of stars that have now taken off in their careers. From Chris Evans to Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza to Brie Larson — each character interacts with Scott Pilgrim in hilarious ways. With great replay value, you’ll be watching this Edgar Wright film for years.

TV Shows

If you’re looking for a longer commitment, these TV shows will provide you with hours upon hours of entertainment.

“Avatar: The Last Airbender”

This 2000s classic has finally landed on Netflix and is still growing in popularity, over 15 years after its release. It follows characters who can manipulate the four elements. There’s plenty of social commentaries as well, showing mature themes for younger audiences that stick around for adults to enjoy as well. A live-action TV series adaptation is also coming to Netflix.

“Black Mirror”

Always a wild experience, “Black Mirror” provides a new journey with each episode. Though none of the episodes connect, they each show how technology can negatively get out of hand and lead to dystopian effects. It draws in big names, too, like Anthony Mackie and Miley Cyrus.

“Our Planet”

If you’re a fan of documentaries, nature or both, this series is for you. With David Attenborough as the narrator, this docuseries mimics “Planet Earth” and “Blue Planet” in its setup — which are both on Netflix as well. Exploring the world and learning about the problems and solutions for the environment has never been so engaging.

“The Good Place”

This is a smart comedy that uses its time wisely. With arguably no filler episodes in the four-season twist-filled run, “The Good Place” mixes comedy with morals, philosophy and at times, existentialism. Season four will likely be on Netflix in the fall.

“The Umbrella Academy”

This series is an adaptation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá’s comics. Ellen Page and Mary J. Blige star in this show, following a dysfunctional family of adopted superheroes. Attempting to solve the mystery of their father’s death and the threat of the apocalypse makes this an intriguing journey.


This layered series is a complex one, if that’s what you’re looking for. Eight people find themselves connected through mind and soul. This sci-fi, world exploration series unpacks social obstacles, like LGBTQ+ issues, through a thrilling plot.

“Parks and Recreation”

If you’re looking for a feel-good show, this comedy is the one for you. In a star-studded cast, the show satirizes the government — though it feels strikingly realistic at times. These seven seasons offer a happy, hilarious, binge-able ride.


Pen Badgley stars as a creepy stalker pretending to be an average guy in New York City. It’s unsettling at times and comedic at others. This series will provide you with suspense and surprises as you see how twisted it can get.

“Wild Wild Country”

This docuseries is as the name implies — wild. It follows the rise and fall of a religious community that establishes itself in a small town in Oregon in the 1980s. With perspectives from both sides of the conflict, you’ll see how religion can divide and unify.

“Stranger Things”

A Duffer Brothers creation, seasons one through three of this wildly popular show are now streaming. In its first four days of release alone, season three drew in almost 27 million viewers, with more to come in the following months. Through sci-fi twists and turns, watch along with the adventure series that has taken the world by storm.

Binge Away

These are some of the most popular, intriguing listings on Netflix now streaming. Choose one, test it out and get to binging!