How to Increase Nighttime Productivity

July 10, 2017 • Rehack Team


You have to work late, but you know your energy is zapped by the evening. So, what do you do? If the work must get done and you need to increase nighttime productivity, you have no choice but to find the stamina and mindset to keep going later into the day. And you can!

Some tips can help you be more productive, even into the darkest hours.

1. Take a Nap

If you’ve got about 20 minutes, take a short nap. Studies show a small nap can help reduce sleepiness and improve your ability to concentrate and may help increase nighttime productivity. You can benefit more from a 15-minute nap than taking a longer one, and this may help you power through your nighttime workload.

2. Stand Up to Work

If your job requires you to sit behind a desk changing to a standing position to work can help keep you alert and may increase nighttime productivity. Studies have shown a small but significant increase in productivity in employees who have the option to stand while working.

Changing positions from sitting to standing can alter your mindset and make you focus more on the work to complete.

3. Skip the Caffeine

Five cups of coffee aren’t going to keep you going, but all that caffeine may make you jittery and unable to concentrate. Skip the caffeinated beverages and drink water.

Yes, water! Caffeine is dehydrating to the brain and water is hydrating. Studies have shown an increase in productivity in people who were well hydrated. The recommended intake for men and women varies, but men should drink approximately 13 glasses of water a day and women nine, to keep your brain well hydrated.

4. Set Realistic Goals

You’re not a superhero, and humans can only do so much before wearing down and needing a break. Set realistic goals for what you can achieve in a particular amount of time. Expecting too much from yourself can lead to failure and a loss of productivity.

If you feel like the task is impossible or you don’t get a certain amount done in X amount of time, you’ll lose confidence in yourself, and your productivity will suffer.

5. Cut Out Distractions

Getting rid of distractions is essential for better productivity, especially if you’re working from home. The T.V., internet surfing, email’s popping up, kids being unruly and even your phone notifications can all drain your productivity.

You do have options for cutting out distractions.

Turn on the television

Set your phone to priority only and shut off notifications

Cut the Wi-Fi, unless it’s a must for work

Make sure the kids are in bed, or someone else is watching them

There are always solutions to distractions, so don’t allow them to become your excuse to procrastinate and not stay focused.

6. Do a Workout

If you’ve got time, take a brisk walk or do a quick workout before starting on your evening tasks. Doing so can increase your energy and clear your mind, making you ready to tackle your tasks and stay on it until it’s complete.

Exercise daily to increase your energy levels. A quick workout of moderate exercise before work can have an immediate impact on your mood and productivity.

7. Don’t Put on the Sweatpants

It’s tempting to put on sweatpants or some form of more comfortable clothing in the evening, but this is not a good idea if there’s work to be done. Changing from work clothes to evening attire sends signals that it’s time to relax instead of work.

Some people are more naturally a morning person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t work at night if needed. You just need to prepare yourself for the task and follow these tips to keep you going throughout the evening and nighttime hours.