How to Work While Traveling: 7 Productivity Hacks 

December 20, 2019 • Shannon Flynn


You’re hitting the road, be it for business or pleasure. However, you can’t ignore the pile that has accumulated on your desk any longer. Can you juggle travel and work at the same time? Of course, you can! Learning how to work while traveling takes practice, but you’ll get better the more you do it.

If you want to supercharge your productivity while jet-setting, you need a plan. The choices you make determine how much you can accomplish. Consider these tips the next time you find yourself wondering how to work while traveling.

1. Bring the Right Supplies

Before your trip, you’ll need to check and double-check your supplies. You don’t want to lose valuable work time at the airport because you forgot a charger for your device.

Take along your cellphone charger as well as an extra battery or backup charger. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure to invest in an outlet converter so that you can use your laptop. You don’t want to arrive in Paris with your charger and backup in tow, only to discover you have no place to plug them.

2. Control Distractions

This suggestion comes with a necessary caveat — it’s impossible to shut out all distractions on an airplane. However, minimize your interruptions as much as possible by taking proactive steps. If you’re working on a presentation, turn off your WiFi so that you don’t feel tempted to hop on social media. Invest in noise-canceling headphones to shut out the madding crowd — and that overly chatty seatmate. Maybe you plan on using your air time to catch up on your Zzz’s. Sleep is critical to productivity, so bring a mask to drown out light.

3. Let Someone Else Drive

Are you planning on renting a car when you reach your destination? If you’re trying to figure out how to work while traveling, book an Uber or hail a taxi instead. Both forms of transportation reduce the number of cars on the road by letting you carpool. They also enable you to work or merely soak in the sights. Plus, if you don’t feel like listening to your driver’s political insights, you can politely indicate that you’re working on a project that requires concentration.

4. Give Yourself a Break

If you don’t take the time you need to recharge, your productivity will suffer. When planning how to work while traveling, schedule regular break times for meals, or exploring the city. Sometimes, a distraction is all you need to help you regain focus when you return to work. Giving yourself a break when you lack motivation can be a great way to get refreshed.

5. Keep in Touch

You know that you’re keeping up with your assignments while you’re away, but does your supervisor recognize your efforts? Keep the folks back at the office informed about your progress. Email them regular updates and advise them immediately if unusual circumstances cause delays in essential deadlines. Most clients will understand, for example, if you miss a meeting due to authorities grounding your flight — but only if they know the reason.

6. Select Appropriate Lodging

Your choice of hotel impacts how much work you can accomplish. Make sure your hotel has free unlimited WiFi and in-room phones — these aren’t staples at every destination. Also, investigate amenities like the availability of free airport shuttles to cut transportation costs and give you work time. Finally, select the safest location possible — you don’t want miscreants making off with your devices.

7. Take Care of Your Health, Too

Finally, take the time to care for your mental and physical health while you’re away. Doing so will help you accomplish more work and prevent jet lag upon your return. If possible, select a hotel with a fitness facility or take lightweight exercise bands so that you can work out in your room. When dining, choose nutritious, plant-based meals, at least the majority of the time. It’s okay to have one cheat day, but don’t fall into a pattern of unhealthy eating.

Master How to Work While Traveling

Now that you know how to work while traveling, you can supercharge your productivity on the road. Go and get them, you ambitious tiger, you!