How to Prioritize Your Life According to 5 Successful People

January 23, 2019 • Rehack Team


Would you like to know how to prioritize your life?

Where you place your focus in life can alter your trajectory. What are the most essential parts of your existence and how can you give them the right platform? Long-term success is shaped by how you order your goals, happiness and health.

You don’t have to stumble through life without guidance, though. Capable people have gone before you to pave the way, and you can learn from their experiences, practices and values to figure out how to prioritize your life.

1. Decide What You Want

Renowned philanthropist, investor, speaker and Berkshire Hathaway CEO Warren Buffett emphasizes pursuing and grabbing opportunities. Getting your life in order requires you to have a clear objective. What do you want most?

Supposedly, one day Buffett pulled aside one of his employees who had not moved along to another job, and he told him to write down 25 aspirations for his career.

Then he told the worker to circle only five of these and to forget the other 20 items. Buffett was all about honing his focus.

Certain things in your life have to take precedence, and dedicating yourself to a specific goal or set of goals can increase your ability to manage life. Figure out what your top goals are, then concentrate your life around these crucial objectives.

2. Guard Your Time and Delegate

Bill Gates put restrictions on his email account because he knew reading them all would be a waste of time. Instead, he let his staff sift through his many emails and choose the ones of greatest importance. Gates was an expert at investing his time in worthwhile endeavors and shielding it from useless ones.

Identifying unnecessary tasks that won’t propel you forward in life is a crucial skill. Manage your time by cutting out distractions and disruptions so you can reserve your attention for valuable duties. Ignore bothersome errands that only sap your time.

3. Track Your Progress

Founder and CEO of Landit Lisa Skeete Tatum has a strategy for reaching a fulfilling career in the context of her job-coaching enterprise, which is geared toward women. Tatum advises that you review recent accomplishments and check your advancement.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a packed schedule and to-do list, but if you reflect on your achievements, you can appreciate each small victory. Record the strides you make in life so you can see your productivity grow.

4. Be Present and Flexible

TV writer and producer Norman Lear has a simple mantra that guides him. “Over and next” are the words that help him let go of challenges and keep progressing through life.

Living in the moment is important to him, so he asks if the current opportunity is over. If it is, then he shifts into the “next” stage, which gives his life an efficient flow.

Don’t get hung up on the past and don’t stay discouraged for long. Channel this ability to stay in the now, and manage your tasks in a steady sequence. Your productivity can shoot up because of this laser-sharp mindset.

5. Take Time to Recharge

This wisdom from entrepreneur, syndicated columnist and author Arianna Huffington is necessary for a healthy life. While you want to keep your day on task and productive, you also need breaks to breathe. Huffington finds that she can return to work with more energy and focus after a much-needed pause.

Avoid falling into the error of an unbendable schedule by taking a chance to recharge. Rather than finishing a meal over paperwork, leave your desk and get some fresh air. Allow yourself the opportunity to rest from a high-paced lifestyle so you can save yourself from burnout.

Manage Your Life Like the Pros

From impressive business experts to skilled creatives, those who have gone before you have found practical strategies to sort their personal lives, workflow and interests.

Organizing tasks to achieve your full potential is an acquired practice, but when you follow tips from experienced professionals, you can get a head start on success. Use these tips to learn how to prioritize your life!