How to Make Internet Friends (Safely)

February 19, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


A couple of decades ago, the only way to make friends was in person. Thanks to the internet, making friends has taken on a new platform. 

The internet allows for a different way of interacting with people. You can connect with anyone from all over the globe in seconds. These connections enable individuals to expand their horizons as well as hone in on their interests. 

This form of connectivity also offers a platform for people who have anxiety or are shy.

Others who may not have the means to meet a range of friends offline can also find comfort on the internet. These friendships can also help web surfers develop social skills and awareness. 

The web is a technological ocean of possibilities. If you need help on how to make internet friends, start with the following steps: 

1. Join Groups

One of the best ways to find friends on the internet is to join groups on various platforms that center your hobbies and interests.

Depending on your personality, you may want to join a smaller group to stand out and bond with someone more closely. Or you may want to join a larger gathering for more possibilities.

If you enjoy gaming, many platforms — like Discord — offer the ability to chat while gaming with others. Joining a niche hones in on what you love and lets you bond with others who feel the same. 

Facebook and Reddit offer groups and communities for almost everything. There, you are sure to connect with like-minded people. 

2. Download Apps

While all social media and chatrooms will most likely have apps, other applications exist that are specific to making friends online.

Some of these are similar to dating apps, but they’re for friendships. Others focus on events nearby and show where to connect with people. 

Bumble BFF is an excellent example of one of these platforms. The company branched out from dating and developed this app to connect friend matches. Here, anyone can message first and start a friendship. An app like InterPals helps connect people globally. With this platform, you can learn or teach a language through conversations with penpals. 

Many applications have specific focuses, too. Meet My Dog brings dog owners and their furry friends together. The possibilities become endless once you have the right resources. 

3. Make Your Profiles

Once you’ve downloaded your apps and joined your groups, the next step is to create or update your profiles. Think of your profile as your home base. This is where people will click to get to know you, so it should represent who you are.

Your bio will reflect you — what it will look like is your decision.

If you want to keep it short and sweet, you can do so. If you want to give a sneak-peek into your personality and your interests and hobbies, that works as well. Some apps and groups offer a fuller template than others, so share the information you’d like to represent yourself with.

4. Initiate and Join Conversations 

When you’re ready to start reaching out, you can build connections in numerous ways.

Depending on the platform, you can initiate or join a conversation. If you’re on an app, you might select who you’d like to speak to and send them a message. If it’s a group, you can share content or comment on others’ posts. 

Once you start talking to people, remember to be patient and calm, and keep your options open. No one can build a relationship in a day. Friendships happen naturally and gradually. 

5. Stay Safe

Connecting with anyone has certain levels of risk depending on how well you know them. Internet friends can sometimes come with more risk than meeting a friend in person. While many people on the internet are harmless, it’s still important to proceed with caution.

First, ask a friend. If someone sends you a friend request or messages you, and you’re not sure who they are or how they found you, ask a friend if they know this person. You can look for mutuals on their social media pages, too. 

If you’re reaching out on apps or forums looking for friends, make sure they display their information. If they’re secretive while talking to you, you might want to take a step back. 

Remember to protect your profile as well. Don’t post any personal details or content that isn’t necessary for strangers to see or know. 

Last, always use your best judgment. If something feels off, then it probably is. Trust yourself. 

If you ever meet with your online friends in person, bring someone you trust or let loved ones know where you’re going. Always meet in a public space with lots of other individuals around. You could video chat with them before the meet-up to confirm their identity.

Connecting With Others Across the Internet

Follow the tips above when making internet friends and remember to practice safety measures. Then, you’ll be ready to open yourself up to the world of friends waiting for you on the web.