How to Deal with Being a Victim of Circumstance

December 31, 2018 • Rehack Team


When unfortunate situations come your way, sometimes you can change them and other times you have to find a way to cope with them. Being a victim of circumstance means you are negatively impacted by your situation without contributing to the problem.

Many times, this means people have hurt you, you aren’t on the career path you want, you’re struggling financially, or you have a medical issue.

But this usually plays out in two different ways. Either you feel like life has dealt you a bad hand and you wish you could change what has happened to you, or you realize that you can find the positives in your situation and move forward through an obstacle.

There are pros and cons to being a victim of uncontrollable events. Here are four realities of being a victim of circumstance and how to deal with them.

1. You Can Only Change So Much

A reality in life is that you can only change certain things. You aren’t in control of everything! This can become a con when it produces a negative outlook on life and hinders your motivation to succeed. If you think you can’t change anything, then you become helpless and at the mercy of others.

However, when you focus on the things that are in your control, you can make this a pro. You might not have complete control, but you do contribute to many things through effective actions.

Think of actionable steps that can help you improve your dilemma, and consider evaluating your mindset about your problem.

2. People Make Mistakes

Failure in work, love, family and friendships is disappointing. And when the mistakes of others set you back, you want to blame them or even lash out. If you dwell on how those mistakes have changed you for the worse, then this is a downside to being a victim.

But if you realize that you also make mistakes and you move on from them, you can turn this around into an opportunity for growth. Accept life’s lessons so you can become stronger — and don’t be afraid to fail.

You can learn from your mistakes and alter your actions next time. Watch as healthy practices lead to improvement.

3. Life Includes Challenges

When obstacles come your way, you might be surprised. Maybe you thought you could get through life without any difficulties. Just remember that challenges are natural.

If you sit back and let the challenge intimidate you, you won’t move forward in life. You can underestimate yourself and stay in a bad situation if you aren’t willing to persevere.

Rather than relying on luck or fate to get you out of a predicament, you can fight back and overcome the challenge. Face the situation head-on and work to break through the barrier. Expecting obstacles in your path is a good start, but remember to keep a determined attitude while you press forward.

4. Conviction Is Key

Being passionate seems like a positive perspective, but it depends on what you’re channeling that conviction into. When you’ve made up your mind about your circumstances dictating your life, then your situation can’t get better.

You may have strong feelings and not budge on the fact that you can’t change your direction in life. Many victims of circumstance are convinced they can’t flourish.

But intense motivation can fuel you to conquer setbacks and unflinchingly trust your abilities. When your passion helps you cope with struggles, you can gain confidence and power.

Let your view and treatment of yourself transform into affirmation and encouragement. A strong sense of destiny doesn’t have to be negative when you realize your actions contribute to your goals.

Take Back Control Today

When your expectations in life fall short, don’t let those circumstances limit you. Acknowledge your disappointments and hurt, but don’t let them weigh you down for long.

Turn being a victim of circumstance into a positive by evaluating your thinking and taking responsibility for your actions. You can approach the situation differently with a mindset of growth to get on the right track.