Being Efficient in the Workplace Increases Effectiveness

January 20, 2020 • April Miller


No matter which career you’ve carved out for yourself, there are always a few things you’ll have in common with other people. Everyone can relate to the positive vibe in the room where someone just did an exceptional presentation. You know what it’s like when you open the office fridge on your lunch break and find an empty space where your lunch once sat. Can being efficient in the workplace help?

You also know the frustration that comes from not being able to accomplish what you want during the day. Everyone has busier days than others sometimes, but you might struggle to check tasks off your to-do list while producing high-quality work.

If that’s how you’ve felt on a reoccurring basis lately, read about how workplace efficiency increases your effectiveness. After you learn more about what makes these two things different, you’ll successfully use them to thrive at work.

Learn About Efficiency

When you hear about efficiency, it might be in your annual employee review or when your boss uses it as a buzzword in an email. It’s something everyone generally understands, but when was the last time you studied it closely?

Most people would assume that someone is efficient when they do their job quickly and flawlessly, but that’s not always true. Efficiency is measured when someone compares the amount of work they do with how much energy they used to get everything done.

Imagine that you have to put together a PowerPoint presentation by the end of the workday. You finish it a few hours early, but you feel exhausted. Still, you complete a few other projects before you clock out. You got more work finished than you thought you would, which is efficient, right?

It would be more efficient if you completed the PowerPoint without using all your energy to do so. At peak efficiency, you may complete more than one or two projects without feeling like you need to recharge.

Use It in Your Life

Once you get used to being efficient in the workplace, you’ll find that you’re more effective at whatever you put your mind to. Using your energy wisely will help you create higher quality work if you know how to direct your efforts correctly.

The first way to channel your efficiency is to manage your time and schedule so you know how long you’ll spend on any given project. You can also include a few breaks in your day, which provides you with a few minutes to catch your breath and refocus.

Want more resources to increase your efficiency? Check out a few easy ways to become more efficient and effective at your job, like making your desk a nicer place to sit or concentrating on deep work. Try out tips until you see what helps you the most so you can watch your professional life transform.

Don’t Give Up

After you get the hang of monitoring your energy levels to catch yourself when you’re about to work through total exhaustion, it’s tempting to forget what you’ve learned about efficiency. You might have a pressing deadline on your mind, but don’t give up.

Find a way to make efficiency feel effortless when you try quick and straightforward tips whenever you feel tired or unfocused. Planning more projects out ahead of time, organizing your workspace or even blocking out time for breaks can keep your efficiency up so you’re productive and effective.

Consider Your Routine for Being Efficient in the Workplace

Think about what you do every day and when you notice the quality of your work slipping away. Does it usually happen when you’re working late, haven’t eaten or refused to leave your desk for hours?

Figuring out the weak spots in your routine pinpoints precisely where your efficiency declines. Hone in on those moments to stay productive and create the best work possible.