6 Best Phones to Buy on Amazon Prime Day

September 30, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


It’s that time of year again — Amazon Prime Day is here! With this cyber event, Amazon brings unbeatable prices as better deals come about every year. Your Prime membership gets you access to it all. With phones, you’ll be able to find some of the hottest brands and models, all at discounted prices. Here are the best phones to buy on Amazon Prime Day:

1. Google Pixel 4 XL

When Google stepped into the smartphone business, it did so in a big way. The Google Pixel 4 XL is a key example of what the big tech company is capable of. This model brings you a 6.3-inch screen with a Snapdragon 855 processor.

It comes with a Google Assistant that you simply need to use only your voice to send texts, set reminds and so much more. Of course, you won’t want to miss out on the Pixel 4 XL’s point-and-shoot camera either.

You can get this Google smartphone in 128 GB for $649 — over $300 cheaper from the traditional list price of $958. You could also opt for the 64 GB version which is on sale for $549, down from $754. 

2. Samsung Galaxy S20

The Samsung Galaxy is a wildly popular phone. Down $250 dollars from its list price of $999.99, this deal is one of a kind. The Galaxy S20 brings you next-generation, 5G connectivity, which is faster and more powerful than all its network predecessors. 

Its high-resolution camera, night mode options and fast charging made it an undeniable phone. Plus, the battery durability will have you using this phone all day without worrying about it dying. 

You can get it for $749.99 today with 128 GB of storage. If you want a more powerful model, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ is the cheapest it’s ever been on an Amazon Prime Day. Its list price is usually $1,199 but you can get it today for $899.99.

3. Samsung Galaxy S10

As one of the most popular smartphone brands out there, Samsung has plenty of models for you to choose from. If the S20 models are not within your price range, then you can look into the Galaxy S10. It’s a powerful phone that brings you signature Samsung features and quality. 

Its camera, for instance, comes with unique features like single take AI that processes the surroundings and tells you how to get the best photo or video. On its 6.1-inch screen, you’ll get high-quality images, fast processing and loading and numerous ways to charge quickly. 

Get the 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S10 for $574.99, down from $749.99.

4. Samsung Galaxy A21

If your Amazon Prime Day goal is to find a powerful smartphone at the most inexpensive price possible, it will be hard to beat the Samsung Galaxy A21. It comes with the essentials like fast charging and a powerful camera. The 6.5″ display makes it easy to navigate and use the smartphone to the best of its abilities. 

Down from $249.99, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A21 for $199.99 in the 32 GB model. 

5. iPhone XS

Of course, no list is complete without some iPhones to close it off. These smartphones can sometimes reach expensive prices. However, thanks to Amazon, this day brings them to more reasonable costs. The iPhone XS, for instance, used to sell for $999. Now, though, you can get it for $469.

With 64 GB and water resistance, this iPhone was groundbreaking when it first came out. It’s now standing the test of time as a powerful smartphone. With a 5.8-inch display, the XS is the perfect size for its powerful processors and stunning 4K video.

Get it soon while deals last!

6. iPhone 11 Pro

Building off previous models, the iPhone 11 Pro is water-resistant and has one-of-a-kind camera abilities — from the wide to the ultra-wide to the telephoto options. The front camera, too, doesn’t disappoint. 

It’s one of the most refined smartphones to come from Apple and has made a lasting impression, with plenty of ways to sell and buy iPhone 11s since these models are in high demand. 

To get the most from the innovative processors, buy it today for $749.99 with 64 GB storage, down from $999.

Tips for Buying Phones

Amazon Prime Day is a groundbreaking event. However, you’ll need to keep a few things in mind when buying phones. 

Look for an unlocked version or a version in your carrier. Most phones may not come with SIM cards, so you’ll need an unlocked one to work with your SIM.

Second, remember that you can choose different colors and storage options. If you don’t see something you like, try a different combination. The best phones to buy on Amazon Prime Day come down to your individual preferences.

Last, have fun. This event comes around once a year — take full advantage of it!