What is Twitch Prime Rewards?

March 2, 2022 • Devin Partida


Everyone loves watching their favorite streamers on Twitch, and if you’re any sort of a gamer or game enthusiast, you might, too. Over 140 million people stream and watch games on Twitch every day, so you’re bound to search for a way to make the process easier and more user-friendly. If you want to reap the Twitch Prime rewards everyone seems so excited about, you first have to purchase a Twitch Prime subscription.

What Is Twitch Prime?

Twitch Prime is a collaboration between Amazon Prime and Twitch. With these services combined, users gain a more pleasant experience for gaming and streaming. Even if you don’t stream your own games, you can still support streamers on Twitch and reap rewards that make your gaming experience more lively and fun. For just $12.99 a month, you can reap substantial benefits that can give you a leg up in games and help you gather more achievements.

If you already have Amazon Prime, you’re halfway there. Anyone who considers themselves an avid gamer should check the Twitch Prime rewards, as they provide a wonderful experience to users both on and off the Twitch platform.

How Do You Link Prime Gaming to Twitch?

Connecting your Amazon account to your Twitch account is simple. Once you complete the process, you’re free to reap all the rewards Prime Gaming has to offer. Sign in to your Amazon account, then choose to link your twitch account. You will have to sign in to your Twitch account to access Prime Gaming rewards, but doing so will allow you to show off all of your fancy rewards next time you choose to watch a stream on Twitch’s platform.

Special Twitch Prime Rewards

After you’ve linked your Amazon and Twitch accounts together, you can reap the Twitch Prime rewards that come with having Prime Status on Twitch. This status is an honor, as you can support streamers and yourself with it. 

1. Prime Status Badge

Once you sign up for Twitch Prime, you attain a badge that you can display on your profile. This badge signifies that you are a Twitch Prime user and receive all the perks of being one. It takes the shape of a crown and can show up in chats.

2. Exclusive Chat Colors

Customize your chat experience with the custom Twitch chat colors. If you want to add a personal flair to your chatting and overall user experience, consider implementing this unique Twitch Prime reward. What could be better than chatting in your favorite color?

3. Exclusive Emotes

Twitch Prime offers exclusive emotes to go with the exclusive chat colors. These emotes can be used in chat to distinguish yourself as a Prime Status gamer. Try them out when supporting your favorite streamer.

4. Broadcast Storage Extended

Fourteen days is the standard broadcast storage after a broadcast has ended. As a Prime Status gamer, you get the perk of storing for many more days. Instead of two weeks, enjoy up to two months — 60 days — worth of broadcasts.

5. Free Subscription to a Streamer of Your Choice

Perhaps the most valuable of the Twitch Prime rewards is your ability to support a streamer you love, free of charge. What would normally cost you $5 or more a month now is completely free, but the streamer of your choice still receives the monetary support as if the money came out of your wallet directly.

Are There Other Rewards From Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming doesn’t just give you rewards on Twitch — you can show off your rewards elsewhere, too. Amazon Prime might be the most obvious of those rewards. With Prime Gaming, you have access to Amazon Prime, too, which means you receive quick and free shipping on most orders. You also have access to several free games, ones you can keep, not just for the month. You can also receive in-game loot to help you level up and upgrade your characters. 

There are just over 200 million Amazon Prime users worldwide, so you know the investment is worth it. Plus, how could you deny all the perks that come with PC games through Prime Gaming? You can cancel Prime Gaming at any time, so don’t feel locked into the service.

Make the Switch for Twitch Prime Rewards

If free games aren’t enough motivation for you to switch to Prime Gaming, consider the Twitch Prime rewards that could upgrade your streaming and viewing experience. You get a personalized Twitch experience, a subscription to your favorite streamer, loads of free games to download and keep forever and Amazon Prime all for nearly $13 a month. Deciding to connect your Twitch and Amazon accounts has never been so easy.

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