The 7 Best Apps for Chromebook We Could Find

April 8, 2021 • Shannon Flynn


Chromebooks are versatile laptops. They’re powerful and adaptable, while also being a cost-effective option on the market. Whether you’ve just purchased your Chromebook or have had it for years, certain apps can boost your experience. Here are the seven best apps for Chromebook:

1. Chrome Remote Desktop

Have you ever run into the issue of needing your files and data on your Chromebook, but not having it with you? When you use Chrome Remote Desktop, you eliminate that setback. 

This app lets you access your Chromebook from anywhere on any device. You’ll just need to install it and log in to get started. Then, if you need photos, for instance, you can go on your tablet to access your Chromebook.

2. Discord

Whether you’re working remotely or chatting with your friends, Discord covers your every need. This messaging and video chatting app lets you create different servers and different channels within those servers. You can have your company channel open on one server and play games with your friends on another.

Discord comes with video, audio and text chat as well as screen-sharing abilities. You can use those features to connect with thousands of others across the world. It’s fast, efficient and will connect you with coworkers or loved ones — especially at a time when social distancing is a necessity. 

3. Minecraft

One of the games you can play while chatting with your friends on Discord is Minecraft. This game came out in 2009 and now, over a decade later, it’s still going strong. The open-world exploration game lets you play in creative or survival modes. Build houses and start a farm or fight off enemies. 

The game was a step forward for gaming in 2009 — and it still is today. Play it on your Chromebook computer with your friends or by yourself. The possibilities are endless as you create your own world and explore it. 

4. Evernote

If you’re looking for some of the best apps for Chromebook so you can be productive, look no further than Evernote. It lets you take notes in the most efficient way possible. Type while looking at sites. Then organize your notes in actionable ways — for school, work or personal life. The app even has multimedia support for when you want to organize with images.

You can also integrate different platforms like Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox. Store your notes and files, then pick up right where you left off. It’s the first step in getting organized and being your most productive self. 

5. Polarr

If you want to be productive in other ways, you can get creative with Polarr. This photo editing app will integrate smoothly with your Chromebook. You’ll get all the standard features that photo editors bring — retouching, color adjustments and contrasting techniques.

Polarr then adds fun effects, stickers and frames. Polarr is a great way to get the best pictures, most post-worthy possible. Whether it’s professional work or just for fun, this app will cover all your needs.

6. Mighty Text

Have you ever been jealous of Apple users? On Macs, their iMessages automatically transfer from their phones onto the app. However, Chromebooks can do the same! With Mighty Text, you can send instant messages right from your laptop.

The app syncs your phone’s messages to the computer once you download Mighty Text. Remember, you’ll need to download it on both your phone and laptop. Then, you can get to texting at all hours of the day!

7. Spotify

Last, but nowhere near least, Spotify is one of the top streaming apps out there and among the best apps for Chromebook you can find. On top of the music game, Spotify is a versatile platform. You can create playlists, see what your friends are listening to and discover different moods and genres.

That’s just the beginning though. Spotify curates playlists specifically for you — and at the end of the year, you’ll get the infamous Spotify Wrapped that sums up your year in music. It’s a powerful service that keeps you listening to your favorite songs and discovering new ones every day.

Use the Best Apps for Chromebook to their Fullest Potential

When you download these best apps for Chromebook, you get the highest quality of entertainment, productivity and connectivity possible. It brings your computer to its fullest potential. Which apps are you most excited to download?