New Flipd App Will Remove Your Biggest Distractions

July 2, 2015 • Devin Partida


flipd app

Scrolling through the apps available on Google Play can be a little overwhelming, even if you’re looking for something specific. You might while away the hours in your search for the perfect selection without realizing you’ve almost nothing to show for it.

Herein lies the problem. App stores present themselves as a cure for boredom, stress and poor time management, but the mobile’s central role in our daily lives means that it becomes impossible to switch it off and put it down.

Let’s face it, we need them – but do we really need the distraction?

Well, the developers behind the new productivity app Flipd are firm believers in digital detox and have come up with something to help you out.

If you cite your incoming notifications from Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and Instagram as the reason you can’t get any work done, here’s what you need know about Flipd and how it works.

An App with a New Outlook and a New Solution

Other apps on the market make it a point to show users just how much time they spend trawling the Internet for cat videos, but Flipd is more simplistic and doesn’t try to change you.

What it does is introduce a timed lock screen that keeps any and all distractions at arm’s length with its aptly named Flip Off button.

Essentially, you tap the button on the main display and set the time limit – up to a maximum of 12 hours – and then you get back to what you were doing, or rather what you had planned to do.

Features That Are Hard to Argue With

Aside from that, there are a number of other features that make Flipd a viable choice for your megabytes. For example, you’ll be able to:

  • Receive rewards for kicking your phone addiction
  • Change your mind with 60-second unlock
  • Track how much time you’ve spent using Flipd

The only possible downside with this app is that you need a Facebook or Google Plus account to use it. At least you’ll be using it for something productive, right?

Finding a Balance Between Work and Play

The unique blackout approach seems to work quite well. If you’re worried that someone might be desperately trying to get a hold of you and wondering why you aren’t replying, don’t be. The app will send a message and let people know you’re unavailable.

These auto-responder messages can vary from “Out for dinner” or – and this is a big one – “I’m driving, can’t talk now.” In fact, there seems to be a response for just about anything you could think of.

Versatility in Group Lock Capabilities

For parents, there’s also a collaborative lock feature that works with others, allowing you to remotely control the privileges of a group of users via Flip Off sessions.

To do this, you’ll need to enable the Advanced Lock and create your group. After this you’ll be given a code to authorize the changes to permissions on other people’s phones, but they will need to have Flipd installed for it to work.

Of course if you happen to run into trouble here, just promise you won’t go mad with power.

Regaining Control of Your Time with Flipd

Ultimately this is an app for the most determined of individuals as you won’t be able to check your scores against other users to see how well you’re doing, though that may come later.

If you’re looking for a simplistic and uncluttered app to keep you on track, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything more suitable than the Flipd app. Give it a try and see how much time you can claim back in a world where the dulcet tones of the mobile phone never seem to stop.

You’ll be glad you did.