How to Remove Continue Watching From Netflix

October 7, 2023 • Zachary Amos


The Continue Watching feature on Netflix is usually pretty helpful. That is, until it starts collecting a bunch of titles with only a few minutes of credits left to go. Whether you want to de-clutter your account or get rid of content you disliked, we’ve got you covered. Here’s the rundown on how to remove Continue Watching from Netflix and why you should.

How Will Removing Titles Impact Your Algorithm?

Every show you watch impacts your algorithm, changing what Netflix offers you on the home page. If you have a bunch of shows you don’t like in Continue Watching, you won’t see the kind of content you want without explicitly searching for it. They skew your future recommendations since the platform assumed you enjoyed watching them.

Since the algorithm picks around 80% of the titles people end up watching, it’s pretty important. If you want to keep yours in pristine condition, you should get rid of everything you don’t like from the Continue Watching row. It’ll keep your recommendations intact so you don’t keep seeing more of the same content you dislike.

What if you like the show in your Continue Watching but don’t like the clutter? On some devices, a pop-up appears so you can explicitly tell Netflix you’re just cleaning up your screen. However, you might not get it. If you don’t see a question pop up, but you liked the content, use the rating feature to give it a thumbs up. 

How Do You Remove Continue Watching From Netflix?

The removal process is slightly different depending on whether you use a computer, mobile device, smart TV or streaming stick. Here’s how to remove Continue Watching from Netflix on all devices.

1. Remove Continue Watching on Computers

You can get rid of titles in Continue Watching on MacOS, Windows, ChromeOS and Linux. Hover your cursor over what you want to remove until you see an “X” icon. When you click it, Netflix will ask if you’re sure you want to “Remove From Row.” Confirm your choice to finish.

2. Remove Continue Watching on Mobile Devices

You can get rid of titles on most Apple and Android devices. You should see three vertical dots — the menu — in Continue Watching. Once you press them, you’ll get the “Remove From Row” option. Hitting it will make the show disappear from the section permanently.

3. Remove Continue Watching on Smart TVs

Almost all smart TVs can take movies and shows off of Continue Watching by selecting the title individually. Once you press it, scroll down to see the “Remove From Continue Watching” option. You can’t remove everything at once, but it’s still helpful.

People who still can’t figure out how to remove Continue Watching from Netflix likely have an Apple TV. Unfortunately, you’re out of luck. You can only get rid of titles through the official website. Even though a 2022 announcement claimed the removal feature would be available on all devices, Netflix doesn’t have plans to roll it out to Apple TV. 

4. Remove Continue Watching on Streaming Sticks

This method works with devices like the Roku Streaming Stick or the Firestick. You have to individually remove titles by selecting them and then choosing the “Remove From Continue Watching” option. The process is typically the same as the one for Smart TVs. 

How Do You Add Shows Back to Continue Watching?

Fortunately, you can sometimes return titles after accidentally removing something you didn’t mean to. On some devices, the “Remove From Continue Watching” button immediately changes to “Undo Remove” once you click it. Selecting it will revert the change you made.

If you don’t see this option, you can only add titles back to Continue Watching by viewing them again. Find what you want with the search bar, then watch it for a few seconds. It should appear back in the row even if you barely start it. 

If items randomly disappear from your Continue Watching and you don’t want them to, that’s another issue. Netflix constantly cycles through content and dumps plenty of titles every few months. As a result, there’s a strong chance the items you want to add are gone for good if they disappear without your input. 

What if You Can’t Remove Continue Watching?

If you’re having trouble figuring out how to remove Continue Watching from Netflix, we’re here to help. If the option isn’t showing up at all, your app is probably outdated. Since you can only get rid of titles with the latest version, you should check for any available updates. 

What if your input doesn’t register? Even if you can see and select the “Remove From Continue Watching” option, there’s a chance nothing will immediately happen. Netflix can take a while to process your request, so wait for a few hours before trying something else.

If none of the above works — or you’re an Apple TV user — we have a third option for you to try. Luckily, you can hide titles from your viewing history if all else fails. With this feature, you can hide movies, shows or individual episodes from your activity. Alternatively, you can use the “Hide all” button to make everything disappear at once. It can take up to 24 hours to go through.

How do you hide episodes from your viewing history? You can only do it on a web browser, so you need a mobile device or computer. Once you log into your Netflix account, go to the “Profile & Parental Controls” tab and choose the profile you want to adjust. From there, select “Viewing Activity” and the hide icon — the circle with the slash — on the thing you want to get rid of. 

How to Use Continue Watching Strategically

Once you learn how to remove Continue Watching from Netflix, you can use it strategically. By removing or leaving certain shows, you can get more accurate recommendations. It can help you de-clutter your account and improve your algorithm simultaneously, so it’s worth the effort.