Apple’s iOS 11.4: Features Worth Upgrading For

June 5, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


No matter how long you’ve owned Apple products and which ones you use, you’ve probably heard about iOS 11.4, which is the newest operating system. Most people wonder whether it’s worth upgrading immediately or if they should wait a while and get feedback from others.

Let’s go over the need-to-know details about iOS 11.4 first — then, you can decide what to do from there. This update undoubtedly has some features that could influence your conclusion.

Multi-Room Music Controls

Many people who own Apple products agree that those gadgets replaced their CD players long ago. Indeed, thanks to the iPod and iTunes, we began enjoying music in different ways and rarely go back to the old methods. A new feature in iOS 11.4 caters to music-loving people who have Apple products.

It includes multi-room audio controls via AirPlay 2. That means you can move music from room to room or play the same song in several places around your home while using the HomePod, asking Siri or selecting tunes from an iOS device such as an iPad.

This feature doesn’t require grouping speakers manually, so it’s ideal if you’re setting up for a get-together and have limited spare time before guests arrive.

iMessage Syncing With iCloud

People using Apple products get the convenient advantage of having all their photos sync across devices through iCloud. However, that wasn’t possible for iMessage content before this latest update.

Now, if you send a message on your iPhone, it also appears on your iPad. You’ll also see those messages appear on a Mac running the latest version of macOS. You might find it handy that all those messages show up on your devices.

However, be aware that this new syncing feature could potentially take a bite out of the available storage on your iCloud plan. Buying more doesn’t cost a lot, but it still may not be something you want to do. It’s smart to consider the number of devices using an iCloud account and the type of content stored there before you decide to make the switch and get the operating system upgrade.

No Details About Security Updates

Apple’s updates usually include some security improvements too, and users can read about them in the accompanying documentation before consenting to download the upgrade. However, that wasn’t the case here. Instead, Apple only included the phrase “Details available soon.”

People have wondered whether the company hid some new features in the software update that won’t get revealed until Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) in June or later on in the year. If that’s the case, disclosing details about the security aspects might ruin the surprise.

However, some people primarily download updates because they care about the security features contained within. If you can relate to that, it’s not worth downloading the update yet, since it doesn’t provide the scoop.

What Else Does the Upgrade Offer?

The two features covered above comprise the majority of Apple’s update. However, if you use iOS devices in the education sector, this upgrade provides ClassKit and Schoolwork.

The first feature lets developers add features specifically for applications educators use, including Apple School Manager. In contrast, Schoolwork enables teachers to distribute assignments to students and then track their progress in ClassKit apps.

Other than that, the new Apple software gives you a (PRODUCT)RED wallpaper for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Moreover, it makes HomePod compatible with the Calendar app.

Should You Download It?

This update is more specific than some others released by Apple. If you don’t have a HomePod and rarely or never use iMessage, it’s not worth the download. Beyond that, the information above provides the overview you need to take the plunge or stick with the operating system already active on your device.