Amazon Business Account Benefits: What to Know

April 15, 2022 • Devin Partida


Amazon business account benefits can revolutionize shopping for businesses of all sizes. Switching to an Amazon business account unlocks special pricing and features designed for businesses. It can be challenging to decide what tier and pricing model is the best fit for your business, though. Luckily, the benefits of an Amazon business account are accessible and flexible. 

How Does An Amazon Business Account Work?

Amazon Business is a business-only discount program that comes with some behind-the-scenes tools to help with purchasing and operations. With over 400,000 new businesses started every year, competition is getting stiffer, especially for small businesses. Amazon Business is designed to help businesses get ahead by optimizing business-related shopping. Millions of businesses worldwide are using Amazon Business, including some major companies, such as intel, Citi, Uber, and Hanes.

Creating a standard Amazon business account is free. Amazon Business Prime offers additional premium benefits for an annual fee. You don’t need Business Prime to take advantage of the main suite of Amazon business account benefits, though. 

1. Exclusive Pricing and Discounts

One of the core advantages of an Amazon business account is exclusive pricing and discounts on select products. This includes millions of business-related products well beyond office supplies. Anyone with an Amazon business account gets access to special pricing on IT products, breakroom products, janitorial supplies, maintenance and repair supplies, professional beauty products, professional medical supplies, work apparel, and bulk orders. 

2. Streamlined Shopping Management

Business owners can easily manage their shopping from an Amazon business account. You can create shopping lists, set preferred suppliers, and manage recurring deliveries. These features are especially helpful for those who have employees or team members shopping from the business account. 

3. Free Pallet Delivery

With an Amazon business account, orders above a certain size requirement are eligible for free pallet delivery. This feature is great for businesses that often need bulk orders of certain products. Amazon will simply drop off the pallet at your loading dock for no additional delivery charges. 

4. Flexible Payment Methods

Amazon Business makes it easy to switch between different payment methods. You can use credit cards, debit cards, an intermediary payment method, or even an corporate credit account. Amazon also allows business owners to apply tax exemptions on qualifying products. This Amazon business account benefit extends to businesses as well as non-profits, government organizations, and even educational institutions. Business owners should note that Amazon can only apply tax exemptions to US account holders. 

5. Amazon Business Analytics

One of the most valuable Amazon business account benefits is Amazon Business Analytics. This suite of analytics tools helps you track business data, such as spending, orders, and returns. Business owners can optimize their purchasing habits using the insights from Amazon Business Analytics. This may even result in lower spending over time. Data is invaluable for small businesses in particular. It can help you improve your customers’ experience, predict demand, and even defend against fraud and cybercrime.

Amazon Business Prime vs Amazon Business Account Benefits

Amazon Business Prime offers premium benefits similar to Amazon Prime but scaled up for businesses. For example, all eligible orders receive 2-day shipping at no extra cost. Business Prime maximizes the quantity discounts you are eligible for as well as business-only lightning deals. Business Prime does not include the entertainment features that standard Amazon Prime has, though, such as Prime Video. Instead, Business Prime comes with some helpful work features. These include Spend Visibility, Guided Buying, and Amazon WorkDocs. 

Are these extra benefits worth the price of Business Prime? That depends on your business’s needs. Amazon does make Business Prime accessible to a wide range of businesses, though. Their pricing model is tiered based on the number of users connected to the account. The Essential level, for one user, costs $69 per year, which is less than a standard Amazon Prime subscription. You can choose from five tiers, ranging from a single user account to over 100. Amazon also offers a 30-day free trial so you can make sure you choose the right plan.

Utilizing Amazon Business Account Benefits

An Amazon business account opens the door to many valuable benefits that can help businesses of any size. The free version of Amazon Business can simplify shopping and save your organization hundreds or thousands of dollars a year. Business owners who upgrade to Business Prime gain access to even more discounts and optimization tools. No matter the account type you use, trying out Amazon Business can give your business an edge over competitors and a streamlined shopping experience.