7 Cool Desk Toys to Make Work Fun

February 21, 2019 • Rehack Team


Fun and games are sometimes a bit harder to incorporate into daily life as an adult than they are when you’re a kid, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still important. While you may not get recess during the day anymore, desk toys can enhance your workspace, helping you focus and relieve stress.

Also, including decorations and desk toys around your office can add personalization and create a more homey atmosphere that makes you feel more at ease during the workday. They can even showcase some of your interests and spark conversations with your colleagues.

The bottom line is it’s still okay to play, even as an adult. Ease some of your tension by dressing up your office with something to admire or fiddle with. Check out these seven cool desk toys that make work fun.

1. Dinosaur Succulent Planter

Office spaces can feel drab, with stark lighting and monochromatic walls. But adding some greenery with plants can help you focus and feel less stressed. Combine that with the prehistoric vibe of VanEnjoy’s Dinosaur Ceramic Succulent Planter, and your desk can get a playful upgrade. It’s priced at $16.39.

2. Sandscape Motion Art

When you’ve been staring at paperwork for hours, the YayaCat Deep Sea Moving Sand Art is a welcome diversion. As a framed piece of moveable art, you can watch the sand shift into swirls and shapes. Let its mesmerizing movement give you a welcome break from an intense project. You can purchase it for $16.80 and top stuffy wall art.

3. Tabletop Cornhole

Each person’s ideal setting and productivity stimulators uniquely suit their needs. Maybe yours includes miniature versions of lawn games. This tabletop cornhole game uses different colors of coins instead of beanbags, so you can challenge coworkers to a high-stakes round of cornhole right at your desk. Try the GoSports Coinshot Mini Tabletop Cornhole Set at only $9.99.

4. Brain Teaser Card Holder

Desk storage is helpful, but little containers can be predictable. Boost the appeal of even your business card holder by using the Ugears Mechanical Wooden Card Holder. Its visible gears make opening the box a fascinating experience. Even the setup is a hands-on task. Get it for $29.90.

5. Sheep Pushpin Holder

An untidy desk can cause your productivity and focus to drop, but organizing your workspace can give you a sense of accomplishment. From paperclips to sticky notes and pens, little office supplies need a place to go. For something important like push pins, don’t just keep track of them. Make it fun with something like Fred and Friends’ Stuck on Ewe Sheep Holder. With the pushpins acting as the fleece, you can collect any spare pins in one spot for $13.75.

6. Magnetic Sculpture

Creative expression is healthy, and in the office, you need a way to channel your artistic side. Manipulating the G-WACK Magnetic Sculpture Balls and Base can give your imagination a little boost. For $14.98, this sculpture tool is a pleasant distraction.

7. Squishy Dog Stress Toy

A classic stress ball can serve as a way to eliminate tension you may feel throughout your day — but a cute one in the shape of a dog can do double duty as a decoration on your desk. The Vigeiya Squishies Dog provides soft material to squeeze whether you’re nervous about a presentation or frustrated with an assignment. At $9.99, it’s easy to add this adorable toy to your collection.

Spruce up Your Workspace

Who says you can’t play as an adult? Adding a little bit of fun and pizazz to your desk with entertaining desk toys can give your mind a break and help you manage workplace stress. Rethink your desk to bring cheer to the work week.