6 Unconventional Ideas to Improve Office Productivity

September 24, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Sluggish days at the office happen to the best of us, and they put a real damper on your effectiveness. Sometimes it’s a slow day with few assignments, and other times you struggle to focus even when the paperwork piles up. Here are ideas to improve office productivity.

Fortunately, these moments don’t last forever, and you can extinguish them even quicker through fun activities. You don’t have to stick to the typical productivity solutions of implementing office plants or running through your goal list, either. Creativity gets the mind flowing, which means it may be time to jump into some new ideas for boosting your motivation.

Does creativity sound good to you? Here are six unique ideas to improve office productivity for an enjoyable workday.

1. Pet Therapy

Do you hate to see your puppy’s sad face whenever you leave for work in the morning? Bring them to work with you the next time you step out. Some businesses allow employees to bring their pets in, which can boost morale and energize everyone in the office. Having a furry friend to pet when work gets stressful can do the trick for increasing your office productivity.

Other workplaces implement regular sessions where they allow organizations to bring in therapy animals. Pet Partners is a non-profit dedicated to supplying cats and dogs for therapy sessions, and they have pigs, llamas and birds as well.

2. Gaming Sessions

Get your blood pumping and your gears turning with a fun game. Choose anything from a round of desk cornhole to a video gaming session in the lounge. Wait until your lunch break if you’re short on time during working hours. The point isn’t to get carried away but to give your mind some much-needed stimulation. Challenge yourself through entertaining activities while building connections with colleagues.

Turn everyday tasks into games by using goal-setting apps or setting timelines for yourself. Apps like Habitica and Mindbloom encourage productivity while offering exciting incentives. If you’d rather not use your phone in the office, create your own motivators. Give yourself a reward whenever you finish a set of tasks with a given timeframe.

3. Goat Yoga

Clear your mind and strike a few poses — and do it all with a baby goat riding your back. Goat yoga is a popular trend amongst beginner yogis, and it involves practicing your asanas with the company of baby goats. Other people besides your typical office workers have taken up the activity, as many recovering from illness or dealing with disabilities find it relaxing.

Many of the goats will try to play with you or hop on your back, and the goal is to maintain your focus throughout — though we won’t blame you for being distracted by the cuteness.

4. Dancing

Move like nobody’s watching and have a mini dance break in your office. When you feel stuck and have trouble making ideas flow, step away from the computer and give your mind a few moments to recharge. Mindful meditation and yoga don’t work for everyone, though — which means it’s time to turn up the tunes. Play a song that makes you feel like you can take on the world and let the rhythm transport you.

Music is also a great way to beat boredom if your day has slowed to a crawl. Just remember to use headphones to avoid disturbing your coworkers.

5. Catching Some Z’s

Tell your boss you’re improving your productivity the next time they catch you napping on the job. In actuality, power naps help more than you’d expect. Dozing off for 20 to 30 minutes gives your body enough time to reenergize without getting sucked into deeper REM sleep. We’ve all experienced a long nap that left us more tired than we started off. Deep sleep stages are more difficult to wake up from, so keep your snoozes light and you’ll reap the invigorating benefits.

6. Creative Office Setups

Sometimes an increase in motivation requires you to mix up your environment. Staring at the same setup every day doesn’t provide much variety, which most people need to keep their minds fresh.

Move chairs around, put your desk on the opposite side of the room — or switch it out entirely for a standing desk. Some office workers trade their chairs for treadmills and squeeze in exercise while knocking out daily assignments.

Consider the kind of environment you thrive in and bring it to your workplace. Don’t be afraid to decorate your space with adorable desk toys and decor — bringing a childlike quality to work makes you personable. If colorful knickknacks and motivational posters on the walls pump you up, start piling them in.

Achieve More at Work With Unique Ideas

Accomplish more in your workday with these clever ideas to improve office productivity. From goats to video games, you’re sure to find the perfect solution.