6 Best Time Management Apps To Get Your Life in Order

July 19, 2019 • Zachary Amos


“I need to get my life in order.” How many of us have said that to ourselves at some point? If you find yourself repeating it… often… then it might be time to bring in some back-up. Fortunately, there’s plenty of help out there for the perennially poor-at-time-management. Here are six of the best time management apps to help you turn it around and master your schedule, once and for all:

1. RescueTime

I’ve suggested this app before because it’s just that good. RescueTime can help you change your behaviors by pointing out what you’re doing now. It tracks how you spend your time and sends you weekly reports to show you how you’re using your working hours.

More specifically, RescueTime can show you the websites that are grabbing too much of your attention and block them so that you can get back on track. Add it to your Android phone, computer or even directly to your web browser, if you have Chrome or Firefox.

2. Focus@will

Perhaps it’s your environment that’s not allowing you to focus — distractions pop up everywhere these days.

Focus@will can change all of that with its playlists of sounds and music that will boost your productivity. Better yet, you can choose the kind of work you do — creative, student, entrepreneurial, etc. — and the app will give you a playlist tailored to the mindset you need to be in to get stuff done.

3. Focus Booster

The Pomodoro Technique is a tried-and-true way to help people focus. Typically, you’ll set a 25-minute timer and, during that stretch, you’ll focus completely. As soon as the timer rings, it’s break time. A few minutes to clear your head and you’re back to work once again for another 25 minutes.

The Focus Booster app uses this principle to help you overcome your poor time management by providing the Pomodoro timers to push you through stretches of hard work. Time blocking like this can be a serious boon to productivity, so try it out as you tackle a tough task that would otherwise have you procrastinating instead of finishing.

4. Remember the Milk

Most of us can’t keep a single to-do list these days. Instead, we have one attached to our work email, a calendar of appointments on our phones and a list of honey-do tasks, too.

Remember the Milk compiles all of your bullet points into a single master list, and that’s great for time management — how can you master your schedule if you don’t even know what you have to do?

5. Pocket

An essential step in becoming a better time manager is learning when to say no. This includes saying no to distractions that may arise during working hours.

The Pocket app can help you make the easy decision to stay focused. Let’s say you almost fall off track when you see an interesting article or video that you want to read or watch.

Rather than getting out of your productive mindset, put the links in your Pocket. Look at them later when you’re taking a break, or once you’ve met your productivity quota for the day. Voila — time managed.

6. Forest

Some of us are visual learners — if that’s you, then the Forest app could be your ticket to time management. The concept’s pretty simple. When you start a task, you plant a virtual tree within the app. Then, you put your smartphone down and get to work.

If you’re successful — in that you don’t pick up your phone — your tree will take root and grow. Otherwise, you’ll lose your seedling. Over time, though, as your focus improves, you’ll be able to cultivate a digital forest of your own.

Get Going

Time management can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. These six apps — and many others — will help you in your quest to boost your productivity, master your schedule, and get on with your life. So, download one of them now and get going — you’ve got some very important time to manage.