4 Apple Keynote Announcements We’re Excited About

September 13, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Regardless of whether people own Apple products or not, the Apple keynote announcements make people abuzz about what the successful tech company will unveil next.

At the September 2018 event, the new assortment centered on hardware and offered some surprises. Let’s take a closer look at the most significant news tidbits from the tech giant.

1. The iPhone XR Suits Cost-Conscious Tech Enthusiasts

One potential downside of many of the advancements talked about at Apple keynote announcements is that they’re out of reach for people with limited amounts of disposable income. Apple hopes to change that by releasing the iPhone XR. Analysts wondered if the company might make its iPhone more accessible, and the XR is the attempt to do that.

Pricing starts at $749 and features perks like a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display and a 12-MP camera with Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting modes to help snapshots look fantastic and ready for sharing. The iPhone XR came alongside Apple keynote announcements about two other iPhones, but the XR is the lowest-priced option, which was even mentioned to be less costly than the iPhone 8 upon its release.

Another thing that sets the iPhone XR apart from other models is its flashy color choices. They range from options like coral pink to yellow to red.

2. The XS Phones Give You Options

If a person upgrades to a newer iPhone after having a substantially older phone for many years, they likely would want to know about the operating system. Moreover, they might be concerned about the overall size of the gadget. The XS iPhone family represents a new series of devices featuring two phones with virtually the same internal makeup.

But, the selling point is that they’re different sizes. The iPhone XS is the smaller of the two, and the iPhone XS Max is — not surprisingly, based on the name — larger.

The XS comes with a 5.8-inch screen, while the XS Max has a 6.5-inch display. Also, they each have slight differences in overall battery life compared to the iPhone X. Expect the XS to last a half hour longer than the iPhone X concerning battery life, while the XS Max promises 90 more minutes of juice.

So, maybe the screen size and battery life are major considerations when you choose a phone, and possibly even more important than the feature sets of iOS updates. Apple has you covered, and it’s betting the available choices will help the company maintain marketplace prominence in the competitive smartphone sector.

The Apple iPhone XS and XS Max start at $999 and $1,099 respectively. The price increases depending on your desired storage capacity.

3. The Phones Feature Machine-Learning-Enhanced Cameras

Unless you’re a professional photographer, you’ve probably had moments where the pictures you take with your phone don’t turn out as anticipated due to poor lighting, a shaky hand or other things you didn’t notice when attempting to get the shot. However, the new iPhones have exciting new features thanks to a component called the A12 Bionic processor.

The cameras capture more exposures than before, and in less time, with no noticeable shutter lag. Plus, the A12 Bionic’s speedy neural engine recognizes faces quickly and accurately when you frame them in the camera’s viewfinder. Besides an image stabilization feature, these cameras offer a comparatively larger image sensor, which should enhance low-light shots.

You can also adjust the blurriness of the bokeh effect after taking a photo by using a slider on the interface. Enjoy instant red-eye reduction and appreciate how the smart algorithms detect bodies to improve upon the previously mentioned face-recognition feature.

4. The Apple Watch Series 4 Can Tell When Wearers Fall

People have speculated about what the latest Apple Watch might offer for months. They expected a larger display, and indeed, the Series 4 does give people more space for tapping, swiping and checking the time.

However, this newest version of the Apple Watch has capabilities many people didn’t expect, including a fall-detection feature and ECG heart monitor. The former function picks up on when people fall, then lets them call for help if needed. Plus, if the gadget doesn’t detect movement after a minute, it automatically notifies emergency responders and an individual’s emergency contacts.

The ECG monitor might seem like overkill for many people. But, if a person has a known heart disorder, they might view it as a lifesaving feature that could help them get prompt help by visiting health care providers before a symptom detected by the technology gets worse.

The Series 4 starts at $399.

How to Buy Apple’s New Offerings

The pre-order process for the three new iPhones begins on October 19th, and you can buy the Apple Watch Series 4 starting on September 14. Take the next steps by confirming your interest at Apple’s official website.

Even if you don’t buy one of these new gadgets, at least you now know the most substantial details about Apple’s latest possibilities for consumers.