10 Things to Remember When You’re Feeling Powerless and Overwhelmed

February 6, 2019 • Rehack Team


From work to relationships, setbacks can take a lot out of you. It might seem like the troubles continue to add up, and at this point, you’re out of hope. All your responsibilities have left you feeling powerless, and you feel like you have no control over your life.

Everyone experiences tough times, and you’re not alone in feeling powerless. It can be difficult to appreciate the positive things around you when the negative impacts are so pronounced.

But words from influential people can encourage you when you’re discouraged and feeling powerless. You can grasp these truths to regain faith in yourself and the world.

These quotes from people who’ve made it through difficult times can lift your spirits. Check out the following 10 pieces of wisdom to remember when you’re overwhelmed.

1. “The Cynics May Be the Loudest Voices — but I Promise You, They Will Accomplish the Least.”

Barack Obama’s words show a positive approach can achieve the most. So, surround yourself with a supportive group of people to press on. In difficult periods, you need beneficial relationships to reinforce your tenacity rather than anyone who might hold you back.

2. “Tough Times Never Last, but Tough People Do.”

This sentiment from Robert H. Schuller can give you a reason to rise above your circumstances with renewed strength. Gather your confidence to face whatever struggles are coming your way.

3. “Getting Knocked Down in Life Is a Given. Getting up and Moving Forward Is a Choice.”

Inspirational speaker Zig Ziglar offers this reminder that progress is up to you. You can control how you move forward through disappointments if you set your mind to it.

4. “It’s Hard to Beat a Person Who Never Gives Up.”

Babe Ruth’s words ring true because your determination can create success. Although you feel powerless, don’t admit defeat in your situation. Your constancy is the key to future breakthroughs.

5. “The Thing You Fear Most Has No Power. Your Fear of It Is What Has the Power. Facing the Truth Really Will Set You Free.”

Oprah Winfrey’s wisdom reveals this feeling of powerlessness doesn’t reflect reality because you have more capability than you know. Fear is standing in your way, and you can reject it. Visualize your potential and reach for it.

6. “With the New Day Comes New Strength and New Thoughts.”

Take it from Eleanor Roosevelt — the next day is a clean slate. There are plenty of possibilities for improvement. You can anticipate different and better things to come.

7. “That Some Achieve Great Success Is Proof to All That Others Can Achieve It as Well.”

Abraham Lincoln, renowned for his honesty, is the author of this compelling quote. When you see how others deal with rough patches, it can empower you to keep going. Let the hope you see in those around you motivate you.

8. “Everything Has Beauty, but Not Everyone Sees It.”

Confucius’ perspective can reorient your mindset. Look for the good and beauty that’s present, even if it’s hard to recognize.

9. “We Must Accept Finite Disappointment, but Never Lose Infinite Hope.”

This quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. is a constructive way to consider overwhelming conditions. Accepting obstacles doesn’t mean you shouldn’t set out to overcome them. Resolve to persist beyond challenges.

10. “There Are Better Things Ahead Than Any We Leave Behind.”

With a final word from C.S. Lewis, you can approach the future with the expectation that new opportunities and benefits await you. Leave the past where it should be and take on a fresh day.

Find Inspiration When You’re Feeling Powerless

When you’re feeling powerless, words can comfort you. Draw strength and encouragement from the wisdom of others who have gone before you.

Face tomorrow with courage and hope, and remember these helpful quotes when you’re overwhelmed.