Handy Google Lens Uses To Save You Time

March 28, 2023 • Devin Partida


Google Lens is an app that works like an extension of the device’s camera. Maybe you’ve used it before but haven’t tried all its features yet. Here are some Google Lens uses that’ll streamline processes and help you make better use of time.

Get More Details About the Things in Your World

Many Google Lens uses can give you real-time details about things in your environment. Imagine you’re spending a day in a new city as a tourist. Up ahead on the right, you notice a building with beautiful architecture. Google Lens can tell you about its history and, if it’s a public attraction, when you can visit it.

An hour later, you stop into an art museum and notice an unlabeled painting in the foyer. You’d love to learn more about it, and the good news is that another of the Google Lens uses can tell you about art museum paintings. 

While stopping for a quick lunch at a cafe, the brightly colored coffee cups catch your attention, and you wonder where to buy those, or similar designs. Google Lens can point you in the right direction. Thanks to a recent upgrade, you can use text and images in product searches.

Next, you wander into a park and see a plant unlike anything you’ve seen where you live.  Satisfy your curiosity by using Google Lens to learn what it is and where it comes from. 

Thanks to the many Google Lens uses listed here, there’s no need to take the time to type search queries into Google. Instead, you can stay immersed in your surroundings rather than getting distracted from them.

Streamline Your Office Interactions

Google Lens is convenient when you’re in an unfamiliar place, but it can also be a game-changer at work. As you’re talking with a colleague about a report you’re working on together, they mention a productivity hack from a book they’re reading. They chat excitedly about how one simple tip has drastically improved how they do things. 

As your interest grows, the person remembers that they have the book in their duffle bag and get it to show you. You can capture an image of the book’s cover with Google Lens, then use the app to read the title’s summary and reviews. 

Later, when you’re heading to grab a document off the printer, your colleague reminds you about the charity fundraiser she’s organizing and says it’s happening a week from Friday. You want to be sure to come, so use Google Lens to take a picture of the event flyer she points to on the wall. Doing that automatically adds the event to Google Calendar. 

You notice some free snacks when you head to the break room for lunch. After trying a few, you discover they’re delicious but haven’t seen them in local stores. You grab your phone, scan the barcode on the back of the package, and then use Google Lens to find out where to buy some.

Communicate and Add Contacts With Ease

You check your schedule and remember a meeting with potential clients who primarily speak Japanese. You worry about challenges regarding the sharing of business documents. But you soon sigh with relief, recalling how Google Translate has a translation function to overcome language barriers. It translates text in real time. 

Near the end of the day, the person who sits in the cubicle across from yours sees you absentmindedly rubbing the area between your shoulder blades. She looks at you with concern and suggests you book a massage with a therapist she’s used for years. She pulls his business card out of her wallet and hands it to you. Google Lens provides an easy way to add the massage therapist as a phone contact.

How To Launch Google Lens

Several years ago, only people with certain types of phones could try these Google Lens uses. However, that’s changed now, and you can take advantage of the app on any smartphone running a current version of Android or iOS.  

If you have an Android phone, Google Lens is part of Google Photos and Google Assistant. You can also find it under the Google app on some Android phones, such as Pixels. Get to Google Lens through the Google Photos app. Always make sure to have the latest version of these apps, regardless of the kind of phone you’re on. Take note that Google Lens uses also extend to the iPad. 

Let Google Lens Make Your Life Easier

Google Lens quickly gained popularity because it gave people better ways to do things more efficiently. Whether you’re a long-time user or haven’t tried any of these possibilities yet, why not get more acquainted with them soon?