Virtual Assistant With Artificial Intelligence: 7 Top AI Companions

August 28, 2020 • Devin Partida


Do you feel like there are too many things to check off your to-do list every day, and not enough time to accomplish them? That’s a common problem that artificial intelligence (AI) may help solve. Here are seven virtual assistant artificial intelligence options to check out. Some center on duties you do at work, while others align with your personal life, too. 

1. Braina

The nice thing about Braina is that it gives you features to use during work and downtime. For starters, it lets you control your computer with your voice and even create custom commands. Similarly, Braina allows making a custom command hotkey combination. For example, one keystroke from you could open a website or launch software.

There is also a speech-recognition component that supports more than 100 languages. Use it to save time while typing. A text-to-speech capability lets you hear words from webpages, emails or documents read aloud.

An option to adjust the reading speed lets you set your preference. Use vocal cues to get answers to math questions, search for facts, find videos on YouTube or look up entries in a dictionary or thesaurus. 

2. Caspy

Staying on top of your email is usually a positive thing, but do you feel like your efforts often stray into obsessive territory? Perhaps you’re nervous about missing an email from your boss or an important client.

You check your inbox several times an hour but notice that habit cuts into your productivity potential. Caspy could help. It’s a Chrome extension that uses AI to screen your email and determine what circumstances usually cause you to reply to someone. 

It then uses that acquired knowledge to alert you only of urgent emails requiring your attention. Got your hands full with something else? No problem. You can snooze any email notification and specify when Caspy reminds you of it again.

Try the Daily Email feature, too. It mutes and holds all alerts until the time you set. Caspy gets more accurate with feedback, and you can click an option to say it should have ignored a message initially deemed important. 

3. Talkie

If you spend a lot of time on the phone with customers, Talkie could relieve some of that burden and free up time in your schedule for other things. It works for inbound and outbound calls.

The tool listens to people’s responses, then replies to them in a male or female voice. You can also configure it to understand many languages. Talkie learns from each interaction and offers customized answers during each one. 

There is also a built-in analytics feature that gives insights into every conversation. Some of Talkie’s use cases include providing customers information about their incoming packages, speaking to contest winners and collecting the required details from them and accepting information so clients can book, reschedule or cancel hairdressing appointments. 

4. Hendrix

Hendrix is a virtual assistant artificial intelligence meeting tool that shortens the time spent transcribing and making sense of your notes. It passively transcribes the meeting dialogue but listens to cues from you about creating action items or calling attention to highlights. Hendrix syncs to your calendar, plus works with existing conferencing apps and browser-based meetings. 

After Hendrix records a transcript, you can review, edit and search through the contents. Download the material to view it offline, too.

A feature within the Hendrix dashboard allows seeing the top keywords associated with the gathering, the meeting length and the attendees. Getting together with your colleagues can be time-consuming, but Hendrix works to help you get the most from each session without wasting precious minutes later. 


People commonly gripe that scheduling a meeting takes almost as much time from a day as going to it. tries to change that reality by handling the back-and-forth communications with attendees based on your calendar availability. It also sends confirmations so everyone knows the finalized date and time of your gathering. The event links and automated time detection feature keep everyone on the same page about the crucial details. 

This tool syncs with Google Calendar and allows people to choose event types, too. Whether you’re meeting one-on-one or with a larger team, can help that obligation happen smoothly.

You then have more time to spend on the critical parts of the gathering instead of worrying about if and when people show up to it. 

6. Welcome

Most people had to cancel non-essential travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They’ll be able to go globetrotting again eventually, though. If you want to resume trips made for fun, too, why not do it with a virtual assistant artificial intelligence app?

Welcome is an option well worth considering. It doesn’t use AI in every part of the platform. However, one of the key components — that gives customized, real-time itineraries — does. 

Most people can recall situations where they’ve been in new places and felt excited to start exploring but didn’t know where to begin. No one wants to wander, knowing their uncertainty could make them stand out as a tourist.

Welcome creates travel plans for you and adjusts according to how you respond to the possibilities it proposes. The app also tweaks its offerings based on an area’s transit options and changing weather conditions. 

7. Cleo

Perhaps you’re like many people and want to take proactive steps to enjoy better financial health and feel more prepared for emergencies that require unexpected spending. However, you may have tried to do that before and found yourself feeling bored or overwhelmed, so your new habits didn’t stick. Cleo is an AI-based budget tool that could help you change your ways for good. 

For example, it asks you about your goals, then analyzes your spending and provides savings hacks to help you cut spending and reach the chosen milestone by the time frame you pick. If you want to splurge on something but don’t know if you can afford it, ask Cleo.

It’ll check your budgets and spending patterns so far for the month, then advise whether you can purchase the item or if you should hold off. The tool even reminds you of upcoming bills, letting you avoid late fees. 

Join the Virtual Assistant Artificial Intelligence Revolution

Whether you’re at work or getting stuff done at home, life isn’t easy. The seven tools here use AI to save you time, giving you opportunities to maximize your available hours each day. There’s still a lot of progress left to make with AI-based helpers, but this selection gives you an idea of what’s possible.

Each one may take time to learn and experiment with, but devoting time to doing that could be worthwhile. Consider picking one based on what activities require most of your attention on a typical day and see if some of these products could relieve those burdens.