Why Is Dark Mode Better? 5 Reasons

February 4, 2022 • Devin Partida


Many consumer electronics have a default display setting where black text is displayed on a white background. However, there’s been a lot of hype lately over an alternative display method, commonly referred to as dark mode.

Dark mode, also known as night mode, light-on-dark mode, black mode, or dark theme, is becoming a widely used feature on many devices and online platforms. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of it and five reasons you should use it on your devices.

What Is It?

Instead of default black text on a white background, users can turn it on most devices. The device essentially switches the colors and displays white text with a black background.

People use dark mode on their devices to reduce the amount of light emitted on the screen while maintaining the minimum color contrast ratios. These ratios must be maintained to keep the text on the screen readable.

5 Potential Benefits of Dark Mode

Let’s discuss the benefits below. Why is dark mode better? Let’s find out.

1. Improved Battery Life

One study from Purdue University found that switching from light mode to dark mode at 100% brightness can save an average of 39-47% of battery power on your devices.

Keep in mind that the way you use your phone daily may affect how much battery power you’ll save when using it. Using it will not be an absolute game-changer for your battery life. Still, it can be useful for those instances when you’re really low on battery power.

2. It’s Aesthetically Pleasing

Many people would agree that it is more attractive than black text on a white background. Black text on a white background is bland and becoming overused. Dark mode is an aesthetically pleasing alternative.

It seems as though colors seem to pop more when you use it. It’s also possible that reading information using a dark mode display could help you retain information more easily. Still, there needs to be more research on this specific topic.

3. May Reduce Eye Strain

More app developers and tech companies are offering a dark mode feature to reduce eye strain after a prolonged time spent looking at your device’s screen. After scrolling through social media for an hour, you know that feeling — your eyes are dry, itchy, or painful, or you may even feel a headache coming on.

Keep in mind that there’s no clear, definitive answer as to whether or not it will reduce eye strain. The American Academy of Ophthalmology reports that eye strain is more related to how we use our devices, not necessarily if we’re using them in dark mode.

4. Your Sleep May Improve

You may be surprised to learn that it may play a role in your ability to fall asleep at night. Research about the relationship between it and sleep patterns is still inconclusive. Still, blue light exposure can affect sleep rhythms, based on the available research.

Most research is based on anecdotal evidence, meaning one person may find that it improves their sleep, while others may not. If you spend time using your devices at night, try switching to dark mode to see if it helps you fall asleep faster.

5. Limits Blue Light Exposure

Blue light can be disruptive when it comes to your sleep patterns, based on research from Harvard Medical School. In addition, Harvard’s research shows that heavy exposure to blue light may contribute to obesity, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Researchers at Harvard found in one study that blue light suppresses the secretion of melatonin, which directly impacts one’s ability to sleep. The study found that, compared to green light exposure, blue light suppresses melatonin production for about twice as long.

Why Is Dark Mode Better?

While it is still a matter of preference, many users find it a better option than traditional display settings. You can reduce eye strain, blue light exposure, get a good night’s sleep, and save battery life.

Also, the beauty of owning a device is that you can try out its dark mode feature and easily switch back to traditional if you do not find it appealing or helpful. Either way, it is still something worth trying out, as it may be better for your needs.

Switching Up Visuals on Your Devices

Both iPhones and Androids come preinstalled with a dark mode feature, and users can turn it on and off as they please. Many apps on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store have it as well.

Most laptops and PCs also have dark mode available, which may help if you spend most of your time looking at your computer or smartphone screens. Consider switching to reap the benefits dark more has to offer!