What We Can Expect From the Apple Watch Series 4

September 6, 2018 • Shannon Flynn


Before long, there’ll be another Apple Watch, the Series 4, on the market. What do we know about it so far? Keep reading to find out.

It’ll Likely Be Out in September

There’s no official word about the release date for the Apple Watch Series 4, but analysts think the company will stick to what it’s done for the last couple of years. Apple tends to release new watches alongside its iPhone events, and those have happened a week or so after Labor Day. If the company does the same this year, you can expect a September release.

The Possibility of an Always-On Siri

People use their smartwatches to listen to music, send messages and more. Some even help individuals find or start their cars. So, it’d be particularly helpful if Siri, the virtual assistant associated with numerous Apple products including the Apple Watch, always listened for commands.

Currently, users raise their arm or press a side button to activate Siri. However, some people think the upcoming gadget might render those actions unnecessary.

A Feature-Rich Gadget

In June 2018, Apple released its newest smartwatch operating system, watchOS 5, as a developer beta. It offered over 65 new capabilities, like one that turned the accessory into a walkie-talkie or let users explore a new Podcasts app. The latest operating system also emphasizes Apple’s focus on health and fitness, with the addition of yoga and hiking workouts, cadence and pace trackers for runners, and other enhancements.

Smartwatch manufacturers know remaining competitive means continually releasing new features that cater to the needs of their audiences. For example, some operating systems for smartwatches offer voice-enabled security features.

For now, Apple doesn’t provide those for its smartwatches, but there is a wrist-detection option that locks your gadget with a passcode when you’re not wearing it. The brand should meet expectations by offering a watch with plenty of appealing features.

Potential Design and Functionality Changes

The watches Apple makes look nearly the same today as they did upon their introduction to the market in 2015. However, people are excited about rumors indicating the upcoming watch might be substantially different in its appearance. Sources mention it could have a display that’s approximately 15 percent larger than previous models, made possible with a smaller bezel.

Moreover, the side button on the watch could be replaced by a touch-sensitive portion that works with Apple’s Taptic Engine technology. The company already uses that buttonless option for the Home button on iPhones. People can even adjust how hard to press down and the strength of the responding vibration in the settings.

Use the New Watches With Existing Bands

Apple lets you personalize its watches by ordering colorful bands. The good news is if you order the newest watch, there’s no need to stop using any bands for earlier watches you already own. Reports indicate that despite the potential design changes resulting in a larger display, the differences won’t prevent people from attaching the bands for earlier versions to the latest options.

A Better Battery Life and More Fitness Features

Recent reports about Apple’s suspected technology updates suggest that people who invest in a watch from Apple could expect battery life that’s better than ever.

Leaked patent information also mentions components that sense wrist orientation. That means a watch could determine when people engage in fitness activities that require gripping something, such as a racket or a golf club.

Google Upgraded Its Offerings, Too

The news of Apple offering another smartwatch spurred Google to make improvements of its own. Like Apple, Google’s history includes numerous instances of the company changing how people interact with technology, whether to search for information or when communicating with loved ones via a Project Fi phone plan.

Google’s rolling out an update for its Wear OS operating system. Currently, about two dozen watches from multiple brands function with that operating system.

For starters, the upgrade lets people do more with swiping. They can swipe down to access app shortcuts or move their fingers in the opposite direction to see the notifications stream.

Details from Google about the operating system improvements also discuss how the Google Assistant will be more proactive. It might remind you to bring an umbrella due to a rainy forecast or notify you of commute delays. If you already own a watch using Google’s operating system, expect the updates to start becoming available throughout September 2018.

Apple Might Have Something More in Store

Tech analysts know how to find insights from various news sources and put them together to determine the likely details of gadgets soon to hit the market. Even so, Apple likes to give the public a wow factor and might showcase some perks of the watch that stay secret until the release date.