What is VRAM?

August 19, 2022 • Zachary Amos


In this blog post, we will explain what VRAM is, how it works and how to check this type of memory on your own computer.

VRAM, Explained

When it comes to computers, there are two main types of memory — RAM and VRAM.

RAM stands for random access memory, and it is used for general purposes such as running programs and storing data. VRAM, on the other hand, is dedicated to graphical tasks such as rendering images and processing video. Because of this, VRAM is often faster than RAM.

How Does VRAM Work?

Most modern computers have what’s called a GPU, or graphics processing unit. The GPU is responsible for all of the graphical tasks that are performed on a computer, such as rendering images and processing video.

The VRAM is what stores all of the data that the GPU needs to do its job. This includes things like the color of each pixel on the screen, the position of objects in three-dimensional space and so forth.

When you’re playing a game or watching a movie, the VRAM is constantly being accessed by the GPU in order to display what’s happening on your screen.

How to Check VRAM?

To check the VRAM on your computer, you’ll need to access some information about your computer:

If you have a PC, you will:

  1. Open Settings, choose System and then Display.
  2. Select “Advanced display settings.”
  3. Click on the option to “Display adapter properties.”
  4. On the Adapter tab, the “Dedicated video memory” will list your available VRAM.

If you have a Mac, you will:

  1. Click the Apple icon in the menu bar and select “About this Mac.”
  2. In the Overview tab, select “System Report.”
  3. In the new System Report window, select “Graphics/Display” from the dropdown menu.
  4. On this screen, you’ll be able to see your Mac’s VRAM.

Differences Between the Two Types of Memory

As we mentioned before, RAM is used for general purposes while its closely related counterpart is dedicated specifically to graphics processing. However, there is one major difference between the two — capacity.

RAM comes in much larger capacities than VRAM does because your computer needs it to quickly start and run applications.

How to Increase VRAM

Unfortunately, there is no way to increase your computer’s VRAM without replacing the graphics card that you have installed on your computer.

Graphics cards you might consider include:

How to Decide Which Graphics Card Is Right for You

If you’re looking to upgrade your graphics card, and by extension, your memory, then these are some of the best options on the market. Keep in mind that there are also many other factors to consider when choosing a graphics card, such as price and power consumption.

The best way to decide which graphics card is right for you is to figure out what you need it for. If you’re a casual gamer, then a mid-range card should be fine. However, if you’re looking to do some serious gaming or video editing, then you’ll need a high-end card.

Once you’ve decided on what you need, the next step is to figure out which card fits your budget. After that, it’s just a matter of doing some research and reading reviews to find the best option for you.

Final Word

In conclusion, VRAM is a type of memory that is used specifically for graphics processing. It is often faster than RAM and comes in smaller capacities. We hope this blog post has helped you understand what VRAM is and how it works!