10 Raspberry Pi Projects That Everyone Can Enjoy

February 12, 2021 • Zachary Amos

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Raspberry Pi first introduced itself into this world in 2012. However, it didn’t start gaining traction until the re-release in 2019. The actual device is a small, credit-card sized chip that you can plug into computers, TVs or monitors. While it’s small in size, it’s powerful in its abilities. There are hundreds of Raspberry Pi projects that people of all skill levels can enjoy.

Follow the instructions of each project to see what materials you’ll need and precisely how to accomplish it. From your own weather station to Bluetooth speakers, here’s what you can create:

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1. Weather Station

Watching the weather is fun, but having your own weather station is on a whole new level. Air quality, wind speed and temperature are only a few of the cool features that your station will have. At the end, you can also add some custom sensors to give it a personal twist.

2. The Big Minecraft Piano

Anyone who loves Minecraft knows how fun and addicting the game can be. With this Raspberry Pi project, you’ll create a piano that you step on in the game to play. It’s a quirky venture that helps you learn Python and Sonic Pi scripts. Then, play some music in the virtual world!

3. Line-Following Robot

When discussing computer and coding tech, robots are, of course, bound to come up sooner or later. With this project, you’ll use your Raspberry Pi plus a few algorithms to build a cute robot that can follow a specific path that you lay out for it. Be aware, this project has an extra step where you must build a buggy beforehand.

4. Accessibility Map

About 61 million adults in the America have a disability of some sort. Therefore, Raspberry Pi projects that are accessible are a must. With this one, you’ll create a map that helps individuals find locations that are accessible and easy to get to. As for now, only Android users have access to this project.

5. A-mazing Robot

A robot, a ball and a maze — these are the foundational tools you’ll use to make your own game. You’ll also be working with the game development system, Unity. It gives you a basic understanding of game design. You can do it for fun or you can use it as a starting point in your exploration.

6. Create Your Own World

If you’re ready to move on to another phase of game design, you can start here. This Raspberry Pi project instructs you on how to build multiple levels of your own game. It’s a simple adventure-puzzle game, too, that will entertain you for a while.

7. Two Player Arcade Machine

One of the best things about Raspberry Pi projects is that anyone can create their own. While there are official projects from the company, users can post new ideas. In this instance, you’ll be able to work on your very own arcade machine to play modern games. It’s a pretty hands-on investment — if you like an in-depth task, this one is for you.

8. Wireless Printers

Need to print in a hurry from a device that doesn’t connect to a printer? Wireless printers are becoming more common, which is why this project is practical and helpful. Use your Raspberry Pi to turn any printer into a Wi-Fi-based one. Then, you’ll be able to print anything you need at any time.

9. Wi-Fi Extender

Still on the topic of Wi-Fi, sometimes you need a better connection. Your signal drops or the router needs restarting and it becomes frustrating. Luckily, this Raspberry Pi project helps you get better connections all over your home. Keep in mind, you’ll need two Wi-Fi dongles do complete it.

10. Bluetooth Speakers

For this project, you’ll need some speakers to connect your Raspberry Pi to. In addition to extending the functionality of your speakers, this project also provides support for Apple AirPlay and Spotify. Then, you can listen to all your favorite songs in a new and improved Bluetooth way.

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