How to Use Smart Switch to Migrate Data Between Devices

April 11, 2019 • Devin Partida


We’ve all had to buy a new phone at some point, going through the motions of trying to transfer all our cherished information at the last minute only to lose more than we would have liked. Companies have seen the struggle, thankfully, and are trying to create new ways for people to keep all their videos, pictures and vital information.

While some companies try to capitalize on the loss to keep you in their network, others want to leave the door open. This is where Samsung steps in, offering a simple app rather than a service you’d have to call or a SIM card you’d have to buy. All you need to do is download the Smart Switch app from Windows, the App Store or Google Play. Here’s how to use Smart Switch to your best advantage.

What Is Smart Switch App?

Smart Switch is an app that can transfer your contacts, music, messages, photos, settings and other data from your old device to your new one. All you have to do is download the app to both devices, connect them with a USB connector and the old phone’s charge cable, and select everything you want to move to your new device.

There are a few requirements for using Smart Switch. The app only works if your new device is a Samsung Galaxy. Your old device could be an Android, Blackberry, iOS or Windows Mobile device and still be able to carry over your information.

However, Androids have to be version 4.3 or later, Windows must be 7 or later and Mac must be 10.5 or later. Despite the catch, this option is a lot easier than the ones we used to have. You may need to unlock your old device before getting all this to work.

Potential Risks

Samsung’s process is easy, straightforward and keeps all your information in one place. The only real problem appears to be when someone has less-than-innocent intentions with this app. The Smart Switch doesn’t make stealing phones easier, but the information on the device might have less encryption than normal if someone can just download everything to a new one.

If criminals can copy your information, they could do a lot worse by getting the phone back to you and tracking what you do after the fact. This is where Smart Switch works for you again, since you’ll be able to easily get a new device and dump the potentially corrupted one.

In short, the app is a double-edged blade that needs some more work to have increased security. At the same time, convenience has always come at a price. At this point, with some companies making it really difficult for you to keep what’s already yours, the price may be more than worth the probable trouble.

Keep Your Content Safe

All the encryption and firewalls in the world only need time before they crumble. While security innovations get stronger, so does the ability of hackers to find workarounds or make bots to find the loopholes for them. The best security is simply having a backup. Keeping your content on external storage like a USB drive or SIM card can save you from losing everything, from phone theft to dropping your device in the water with no hope for a Smart Switch.

At the same time, safety measures on a device shouldn’t be overlooked. Two-step authentication, passwords and other security measures will keep low-level hackers out and waste the time of the more experienced ones. Always be vigilant with your information so you can enjoy the convenience of things like the Smart Switch app in peace.