How to Make a DIY Whiteboard

September 6, 2019 • Devin Partida


Are you tired of writing your notes on boring paper? If so, amp up your routine with a DIY whiteboard. You can use many different methods to build the tool you need, and several of those methods follow.

The MDF Whiteboard

If you’re on a budget, you can find all the materials you need to make your own whiteboard for less than $15. Start by purchasing an MDF (medium-density fiberboard) panel at your local home improvement store. Look for a board coated with a smooth white finish.

You can use this material just like a whiteboard. Hang it up on the wall using double-sided tape. If you want to make your whiteboard magnetic, look for tape with adhesive on one side and a magnetic strip on the other. Use regular dry-erase markers and easily remove ink with window or all-purpose cleaner.

The Sheet Whiteboard

Another DIY whiteboard idea starts with a piece of wood, plastic or foam board. Next, you’ll need to apply a sheet of melamine, a fiberboard material used on store-bought whiteboards. Another option is porcelain, which is more durable than melamine — though it’s also more expensive.

Smoother whiteboard sheets are better because they’re easy to erase and reuse. You can also find textured material that looks like tile, great for those who want to organize information.

The Transparent Whiteboard

Nothing looks cooler than a transparent whiteboard. If you’re copying an equation, you’ll look like a math wizard. Have a favorite quote? Now you’re a literary genius.

A sheet of Plexiglas can be found at your local hardware store and works just like a whiteboard. Since you can still see the wall through this material, your space will feel more open.

If you can’t find Plexiglas, look for another transparent material like acrylic, Lexan or polycarbonate. Opt for Lexan if you plan to lug your whiteboard around — it’s half as thick as Plexiglas and much lighter. Plus, if you need to drill it to the wall, it won’t shatter.

The Painted Whiteboard

Perhaps the easiest option is dry-erase paint. First, you’ll need to find a base — a board, piece of Plexiglas or other material. Then, apply multiple layers of the paint. Let dry for at least 15 minutes between each new application.

Allow the paint cure for three days before you start doodling. Afterward, a standard dry-erase marker and eraser should work. For the best results, try a microfiber cloth. To rid the board of old stains, try a cleaning solution with 99% isopropyl alcohol. If you ever outgrow your DIY whiteboard, you can remove the paint with paint thinner.

The Benefits of Using a Whiteboard

A whiteboard makes life easier and helps people save time. Need to buy eggs at the store? Put it on the whiteboard. Is the phone bill due soon? Add that too. The whole family can stay in touch — whether it’s about a school snow day or a doctor’s appointment.

With a whiteboard, you’ll suddenly have tons of space to record and organize your thoughts. This tool can have an impact on productivity — both at work and at home — a lot like a stand-up desk, solar charger or label maker. If you want to improve your academic performance or earn a promotion at work, a whiteboard could be the solution you need.

Productivity requires foresight and planning, traits that require a meticulous tracking system. If you’re messy by nature, a whiteboard is a simple way to stay on track. Write out a to-do list. Keep yourself aware of daily, weekly and monthly responsibilities. When you create a visual representation of your time, you can learn to maximize efficiency.

A whiteboard full of notes acts as a constant reminder, keeping your head in the game. It’s easy to get distracted in today’s digitally inclined age. Whether you’re guilty of sifting through emails or scrolling through social media, this tool will help you sustain your focus.

A DIY whiteboard will make your life more convenient. It will also help you improve your foresight, focus and organizational skills. After just an afternoon of work, you’ll have a tool you can use to boost productivity, so choose your favorite option and get started now!