How to Clean Your Phone

June 3, 2022 • Shannon Flynn


With public health becoming a greater concern than ever, you should address the possible bacteria and viruses close to you. You should aim to clean your phone at least once a day to keep yourself safe from any germs that could be hiding on it. Because your phone is a high-touch surface, you never know what you could be transferring from your hands to your phone to your face, so you must know how to clean a phone — especially if you’re using it most of the day.

How to Clean a Phone With Windex

Simply put, you shouldn’t attempt to clean your phone with Windex. You may think that Windex and other window cleaners are safe to use on smartphones because their screens are made of glass, but you should only rely on alcohol-based cleaners to protect your phone’s screen. Consider using a lens wipe like you would for a pair of glasses.

The ammonia in window cleaners can have adverse effects on your health. If not properly cleaned off your phone, you might experience respiratory problems due to ammonia. It might also discolor your phone, leading the screen to show altered colors rather than authentic tones. The ammonia in window cleaners could damage your phone in other ways, too.

How to Clean a Phone With Hand Sanitizer

There are some things you shouldn’t try to clean smartphones with. Windex is one of the cleaners you shouldn’t use on your phone, but there are other common household substances you shouldn’t use on your phone. If you’re going to clean your phone with hand sanitizer, make sure you don’t pour the sanitizer directly on your phone. 

The best way to use hand sanitizer around your phone is to use it on your hands before you handle it — that way, your hands will be clean already when you choose to clean your phone. If you accidentally spill some hand sanitizer on your phone, wipe it off with a microfiber cloth. Paper towels can scratch up the screen if you aren’t careful.

What Is the Best Way to Disinfect a Phone?

Knowing how to clean a phone the right way is essential to having one. Before you start, you should turn off your phone so your routine doesn’t affect your notifications. Take off your phone case before you do anything else. You can use a microfiber cloth to eliminate any fingerprints and smudges left behind. 

Once your phone screen looks clean, use a sanitizing or disinfecting wipe on your phone. You can use a wipe without bleach so it won’t negatively affect your phone and will eliminate the bacteria. Don’t get it into any openings where the moisture might affect the phone. Your phone is a high-touch surface, so you should aim to disinfect it whenever you remember.

Allow your phone to air dry for a while before you put the case back on. You can also clean your phone case with a disinfecting wipe during this time. After it’s fully dry, wipe it down with a dry cloth again. Once everything is dry, you can turn your phone back on.

Keep the Bacteria Off Your Phone

When you clean your phone daily, you should make sure you know how to clean a phone the correct way. If something seems like a bad idea, don’t put it on your phone. Make sure to use products without bleach only. When in doubt, follow the directions your phone manufacturer says about cleaning your phone model. Then, you can rest assured that you’re cleaning your phone the right way.