Everything You Want to Know About the Mi Max

May 13, 2016 • Devin Partida


mi max phone

Whether you’re always the first to get new smartphone models, a late adopter or somewhere in between, you’ll likely be hearing about the Mi Max, a smartphone from Xiaomi — a Chinese company. The Mi Max boasts several notable characteristics that could make your routine simpler and less stressful.

It Has a Giant Screen

Although some smartphone makers have decided less is more when designing their products, Xiaomi opted to build the Mi Max with a huge 6.44-inch display.

If you often waste time while texting or accessing apps on your current phone because the screen size is too small and causes you to hit wrong buttons far too often, the Mi Max could help you enjoy more accuracy.

There’s Lots of Storage Space and Memory

The Mi Max will be available with either 4GB or 3GB of RAM, and 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of internal storage depending on the preferred version. The abundant amount of RAM and space to store things could be particularly useful if you’re dependent on large apps and have no intention of downsizing.

For instance, if you’re keen to try Amazon’s Kindle app or think Spotify makes every commute sound superb, you can use both of those — and many others — without having to worry about frequently deleting apps to make room for ones you deem more important.

The Mi Max could also help you avoid wasting time by streamlining gadget usage. For example, if you’re currently depending on a separate MP3 player, e-reader and phone, this tech tool has the capabilities of all those devices and more when loaded with the necessary apps.

That means you could just dig through your bag and find the Mi Max rather than fumbling around to find numerous gadgets.

It Only Responds to Your Touch

Although smartphone thefts are declining in the U.S., it’s still a problem that affected over two million Americans in 2014. Analysts say one of the reasons why smartphones aren’t being swiped as often is the addition of kill switches, which allow users to deactivate their phones to prevent unauthorized people from using them.

Thieves will likely soon realize the Mi Max isn’t worth stealing, either, because the phone has a rear fingerprint reader. If another person gets their paws on the phone, it won’t work until it’s back in your grasp. By owning this phone, you may end up saving yourself the stress and lost time that characteristically occurs when a crucial gadget gets stolen.

You Can Share It With a Partner

Maybe you’re planning to use the Mi Max as a work phone during your nightshift job, and your partner wants to rely on it while taking part in a mid-morning shift. Ordinarily, this proposed scenario could become tricky, especially if the two of you use different applications to stay productive when on the clock — and neither of you wants to sort through irrelevant apps to find the ones you need.

The Mi Max is up to the challenge. The phone comes loaded with MIUI 8, Xiaomi’s customized Android operating system. One of the perks of MIUI 8 is the ability to “split” the phone so it has two distinctive accounts, each with a personalized home screen, password and desired collection of apps.

Reportedly, the Mi Max will sell for the equivalent of $230, which is cheaper than the Mi Note and Mi Note Pro, which were smaller phones. The downside, however, is it’s not available in the U.S.

If you’ve decided you can’t live without one, you’ll need to import it either by depending on a foreign retailer or perhaps by asking a friend who’s going on a Chinese getaway to get one for you during the trip.

*Note: Image displayed in not the Mi Max