What Are Digital Platform Conductor Tools? A Complete Guide

March 20, 2023 • Shannon Flynn


Businesses today have a huge range of digital tools at their disposal. That can be helpful, but it also means many companies end up with complex IT environments full of individual programs and processes. This complexity can be difficult to manage, especially as the company grows. Digital platform conductor tools offer a solution.

What Are Digital Platform Conductor Tools?

A digital platform conductor (DPC) is a term Gartner came up with in 2021 to describe tools that help leaders manage infrastructure and operations (I&O) across different environments and locations. Instead of trying to offer one solution to do everything, these tools provide a way to use all your separate apps more closely together.

As part of this consolidation, DPC tools typically pull a lot of data from other programs. These data-driven features provide a more comprehensive view of everything going on in your organization. Similarly, digital platform conductors let you execute changes and commands across multiple environments and apps in one step instead of having to change everything individually.

Every DPC tool is a little different, but common features include:

  • Automated data collection
  • Data visualization
  • Workflow orchestration
  • Cloud file transfers
  • IT system mapping
  • Cloud service automation

Why Are DPC Tools Important?

As companies incorporate more and more digital resources, digital platform conductor tools become increasingly important. A single organization uses 110 software-as-a-service apps on average, and that number keeps climbing. DPC tools make it easier to manage this growing number of programs by letting you view and adjust them from a single window.

Not only are businesses using a rising number of apps, but they’re running them across increasingly complex environments. As more companies move toward the hybrid cloud for its cost and scalability, they find themselves with a bigger mix of on-premise, public cloud and private cloud environments. Digital platform conductors make managing these different data locations a quicker, easier process.

DPC Tool Examples

The idea of a DPC is a fairly new one, but there are already plenty of options out there that you may be familiar with. Here are some of the most popular digital platform conductor tools today.

Cloudsoft AMP

Cloudsoft Application Management Platform (AMP) centers around two primary features: automation and everything-as-code. It aims to eliminate silos, help organizations modernize their operations and reduce performance issues by providing a heavily automated, easy-to-control platform to manage digital tools. It’s also worth noting that while Cloudsoft AMP serves various markets, it tends to focus on financial companies and those using Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Flexera One

Like Cloudsoft, Flexera has been in business long before “digital platform conductor tools” was a term. Its DPC solution, Flexera One, focuses on visibility and cost optimization, making it easy to see how much you’re spending on SaaS apps and what you’re getting in return. Extensive automation features also make it highly customizable, but it’s more targeted toward enterprises than small businesses.


ReadyWorks is another leader in the DPC space. It takes a four-module approach, splitting functions and features between data integration, analysis, orchestration and visualization. This four-pronged approach makes the platform highly flexible, though it may not be as user-friendly or easy to understand as some other options.

How to Choose a DPC Tool

If you think a digital platform conductor tool is right for you, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should determine your needs, goals and budget to help narrow down your choices. Remember that different DPC tools serve different niches, too, so look for a company with experience in your area.

A DPC must be compatible with your software to be effective, so make sure you find a solution that supports all your apps. Any software you use for normal workflows is an obvious consideration, but remember to keep security in mind, too. There are many vulnerability management tools your teams may use, and your DPC should work with these to stay secure.

Finally, consider your team’s IT experience. Digital platform conductor tools should make IT management easier, but some require more coding experience than others. Look for a solution that fits your experience and knowledge level.

Digital Platform Conductor Tools Are Increasingly Crucial

While they’re not as well-known as other software categories, digital platform conductor tools are an important piece of technology today. Once you understand these platforms and what they can do for you, you can use them to take more control of your IT infrastructure. You can then safely and efficiently bring your business into the digital age.