6 Tips on How to Speed Up Your Computer

August 20, 2019 • Zachary Amos


Are you wondering how to speed up your computer to enjoy greater performance levels? Whether you’re experiencing slower streaming times or your device seems to freeze whenever you open up a new tab, slow computers are never welcome.

However, there’s a few ways you can switch up your speed time and give your computer a much-needed boost. Here’s some tips you’ll want to try today.

1. Double Check Your Hard Disk Space

After you first buy your computer or laptop, it’s easy to overlook how much space your device can actually hold. As the months or years go by, you find yourself uploading pictures, installing new apps and downloading music regularly.

If your computer has recently slowed down to a noticeable point, consider checking your hard disk space to make sure that you’re not downloading files or apps excessively.

Generally, you’ll want to keep a minimum of 15% of free space on your hard drive to enjoy optimal speeds.

2. Save Pictures to The Cloud

We take pictures with our smartphones almost daily — so it’s no surprise that we end up with hundreds of new photos on your laptops and computers every week. If you have your phone connected to your computer, your selfies and daily snaps may upload almost daily.

To reduce clutter on your computer and speed up your device, consider uploading all of your favored photos to the cloud instead. Whenever you have Internet connection, you can easily sort through key documents and photos that you uploaded to this helpful software. The main perk is that you can access these files easily without dealing with added clutter on your devices, too.

3. Invest in a VPN

Did you know that the secret to increasing your speed online may be as simple as investing in a virtual private network — also known as a VPN. If you’ve investigated your computer and everything looks fine, a slow computer speed when browsing the Internet may result from slow downs that are outside of your control.

ISPs may purposefully slow down specific websites and prevent you from opening sites at the speed you desire. When you invest in your own virtual private network, you can put an end to bandwidth throttling that may slow you down. This change should product faster loader pages and less buffering on streaming services, too.

4. Categorize Icons, Folders and Tabs

When you organize your laptop or computer, it’s a win-win scenario. For one, you’ll have an easier time finding what you need when you need it. For another, you’ll slash your computer’s RAM usage down a bit, too.

Make your computer faster with browser tab managers that let you use the Internet more easily. Use this time to delete old files and uninstall apps you no longer use to make your organization process easier while speeding up your computer in the meantime, too.

5. Make Sure There’s No Viruses on Your Device

Malware is notorious for slowing down computers. But even more annoying than slowing down your computer is the fact that viruses can access your private information, too.

Check your computer regularly for spyware or viruses to make sure that your computer is safe — and quick, too. Fortunately, scanning your computer for malware is simple and can help make your computer faster, too.

6. Switch Your Internet Provider

The provider you choose to supply your Internet plays a pivotal role in your loading times when browsing online. Even after tuning up your computer and cleaning out unnecessary installations and files, you may find that your computer still isn’t performing up to your expectations.

Sometimes, it’s your connection that’s to blame. Research the fastest Internet providers in your area and explore options such as Verizon 5G service if you’re craving quicker service.

Slow internet and computer speeds can be annoying — but that doesn’t mean they have to last forever. Use some of the tips outlined above to get your computer up and runner faster today.