Time Tracking Tech: 5 WFH Options

September 21, 2020 • Shannon Flynn


Time tracking tech is a useful resource when working from home. Whether you’re a freelancer or you work as part of a team, time trackers allow you to better organize your tasks and responsibilities.

Use these apps and systems for deadlines, timesheet tracking, and to create a better work environment. From copywriting to tech manufacturing, everyone can benefit from time-based organization.

Why Use Time Tracking Tech?

The visual aspect of tracking your workday is key. Remote jobs can sometimes be overwhelming when you have no way to see when and how you’ll complete your assignments. The simple act of inputting your tasks can take that stress away. 

If you didn’t have this software, it would be easy to fall behind. Missing deadlines and becoming unorganized can happen in an inefficient environment. Plus, with the added stress of falling behind your work, you may rush and focus on quantity over quality. 

That’s why using time tracking is optimal. It allows individuals and employers to log the right hours while producing quality work by managing time properly. Do you need more or less time for projects? These systems show how to become more efficient with your time while working remotely. 

5 Time Tracking Systems to Download

To start your journey into the time tracking world, check out the following apps and software. They each come with unique features for organization, communication and efficiency in the remote workplace. 

1. Timely

Timely is an app that comes with everything you need — for individuals or businesses — to become more productive. You have your central page for viewing and altering your assignments, your timesheet pages and an activity log. 

In a unique bonus, employees get to approve their content before employers see it. For instance, you can check over your timesheet to make sure it’s accurate before you send it to your supervisor. 

Timely starts at $5 for part-time workers and $39 for businesses. 

2. Paymo

For small or large businesses, Paymo offers monitoring on a team-based scale. Managers can check on employees’ schedules to see how they’re doing and if they need more or less time for projects. You’ll have individual time tracking, project management and scheduling but you’ll also be able to collaborate with your coworkers better, too. 

You can track your time manually or automatically through the recording timer. Then, that time because a timesheet that translates into a payment invoice. It’s an easy process that keeps all your work in one system. 

You can purchase Paymo for $11.95 per month for small offices or $18.98 per month for larger businesses.

3. Clockify

Clockify brings you an all-in-one hub for remote employees. From the start, this platform is unique because it’s free and allows you to add an unlimited amount of users. If you’re working by yourself, though, that is also free. 

When you open the app, you’ll see sections for your time tracker, timesheets, dashboard, reports, projects and teams. Each of these features lets you connect with your assignment and team in helpful ways. For instance, neatly schedule and organize your assignments with their statuses and details.

Then, check in on your team to see where they’re at in their day. You’ll find these features help optimize the workflow as well as communication. 

4. Toggl

Sometimes, you may jump right into your work one day without hitting the start button on your timer. That’s no problem in Toggl. You can input your hours at the end of the day to properly fit what assignments you worked on and for how long.

Toggl gets right to the point. You’ll be organizing your assignments based on time, status and clients. Plus, one of the standout features is its course correction abilities. If you fall behind or miss a deadline, Toggl can suggest paths to take to make up for that time.

Get the basic version for free, the pro version for $5 per month or the business version for $49 per month.

5. Harvest

Harvest is a helpful tool for freelancers in any field. However, it covers business needs, too. You’ll be able to track several different projects at once as well as receive automated reminds about clocking in. 

Reviewing and managing your timesheets with supervisors is easy, too, with sections that split up your activity log from your assignments. You can also integrate Harvest with other productivity apps.

Download it today starting at $12 per month for individuals. 

Finding the Right System

These platforms are available on web browsers, mobile devices and desktops. Consider what each one offers and then apply it to your workdays.

Which will benefit you the most? Do you need transparency with your coworkers? Do you need reminders?

Once you have the right one, you can get to a more productive remote work experience.